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A first time solo trip.

By: Jan/Bruce (View Profile)
Date: 3/19/2007

I normally never do a trip report, after going to Isla numerous times it seems it would just be redundant! But this was a new experience, I went alone without my husband Bruce. Due to a job situation we had to cancel our usual three week Isla winter trip. After some thought, and anquish, we decided I would go for a week to see our friends.

Drove from our home in west MI to the Detroit airport area and did a hotel park and fly as I had to be at the airport at 5am, did not really want to do that drive in the middle of the night alone. Felt like I was already in Mexico when my shower had no hot water at the hotel! They very nicely moved me, even upgraded me to a suite (like I need all that room, LOL!) Flight was fine, got picked up by BestDay, just missed the ferry but, oh well, no big deal. I will say I had the slowest driver ever, a real change for Cancun! No chance that guy would get stopped for speeding.....maybe for going too slow! Checked in at the hotel, changed to a swimsuit and off to find people. A friend who on Isla (and had found out I was coming) brought me a gorgeous "welcome" bouquet of flowers right after I got there, what a wonderful surprise!

I did not tell anyone who was there I was coming and, surprising them was so cool! Shock, tears, many hugs....what a great and fun experience! Doris shrieked, Jean cried, Faith almost fainted...I sure did surprise them. Everyone lamented over Bruce not being there, he was missed.

After a trip in late Oct./early Nov. when it rained all week, warm sun every day this time was great! The first several days there was a south wind, it was a bit strong at times, but it was not cold. The last few days a small norte came in but it only cooled off in the evening very slightly. I came home with a tan this time! One beach day with Jean & Rich at NaBalam, one day in front of the Posada to visit with Rogelio, the rest of the days I went to Sergios.

A few highlights...
Fresh grouper and shrimp cooked on the beach by Capt. Tony for a few of us. Wonderful meal! Faith's salad and John's mango sauce were perfect, potatoes roasted in foil were great, and Faiths' chocolate cake was a treat! We watched the lunar eclipse from our beach spot....AWESOME!! We sure missed Shooter, April and Frank and Becky but they all had other commitments.

A golf cart ride with John & Faith around the island, running into Jean & Rich at the Punta Sur restaurant and feeding the iguana....funny! John, Faith and I had enchiladas at a taco stand in one of the colonias and got ripped off (much to our surprise!).

Spending time with our dear friends, our very special "Isla friends"....I was felt like a fifth wheel but everyone made me feel very welcome and tried to make sure I was NOT a fifth wheel. Even if it was fairly early in the evening someone always walked me home.

Had some great meals and one not so great. Perhaps it was just an off night, it happens. My favorite was Comonos my last night. Doris & Vince, their great friends Ingrid & Rick, Faith & John and myself made up our group. We all shared one salad (they are huge!) and ordered many tapas to share. The food was all excellent as was the service. For the second night in a row Doris and I enjoyed a nutella/banana crepe at MeneMene......yummmmmmmm. I won't mention our little trip to Color De Verona after the crepe, LOLOL! Then we rolled home :-)

Seeing Marianne from NYC's feet! They look great and it was so nice to see her go in the water now.

I loved getting out of cold/snowy weather (and I even missed a big bizzard!) BUT I was so lonesome for my hubby. Even with friends around most of the time I felt lonely. I most definitely do NOT plan to go alone again, Isla is a place we have always shared and will continue to do so, God willing. It was a learning experience for me...I found I can travel very well on my own, I can take very good care of myself on my own...and I feel like a fish out of water on vacation on Isla without my significant other!

Enjoyed seeing many other people....too many to name!

Isla is changing, not necessarily for the better as many of us know. The new construction is mind boggling! This is an island, how the infrastructure can support these mammoth new condos is simply beyond my comprehension. It is pretty sad to see it all. But, underneath is still the Isla we fell in love with 10 years ago, you just have to scratch a bit harder to find it now.

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