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Relaxing and fruitful

By: Kathryn in Iowa
Date: 8/2/2010

My satisfaction with Zinas Guest House is routine. But this time was different: I came for dental work. During my September trip, Zina had a dental appointment one afternoon with Dr. Canales and we went with her because we were going to go to Miguels Moon Lite after her appointment for a drink and dinner. I was impressed with his office and knowledge. She later explained the plan he had outlined to repair an implant gone bad.

Zina made an appointment for me and I was sitting in Dr. Canales chair within two hours of landing at the Cancun airport. He explained the procedure and Zina translated. I understood some of the procedure and remembered that he told me he would take two impressions.

Dinner was fish tacos which I had been looking forward to for months. Next day, breakfast, beach, shower and back to Dr. Canales office to begin the preparation work for my crown. The first thing I noticed was his preparation of a syringe with local anesthetic, one of the "caines." I made a face and covered my mouth. Dr. Canales held the syringe with needle pointed to the ceiling and looked at me and
nodded his head meaning "Yes, you are!" "Open"

I have never had an experience with Novocaine that was not painful. My eyes tear up and my jaw clenches and it burns terribly. Dr. Canales rubbed my jaw for several moments and then placed the first injection. He rubbed my lower jaw and placed the second injection. It was totally pain free. I tried to explain to him that "it was a good shot." After working on the tooth he took an impression and told me to come back the next day at the same time.

Zina must have thought I was nuts when I walked into her living room and announced, "I love your dentist." Any dentist who can give me a painless Novocaine injection,is my hero. Next day, same routine, beach, shower and back to Dr. Canales. He got out his syringe again and I opened my mouth before he had a chance to say, "Open!" Another two totally painless injections. That man knows what he is doing.

He reworked the site and made another impression and one of the opposing tooth so my bite would not be compromised. He explained that he would telephone Zina when the crown was ready to be inserted in my mouth. Eight days from my arrival on Isla,I had my crown. My USA dentist gave me a bid of $845. Dr Canales charged me $400. That includes four office visits, two impressions and the final crown. Returning in September for perodontal work. Dentistry in Paradise.

Communication was not a problem. Dr. Canales knows the basics of dentistry in English and medical terminology is somewhat universal. I highly recommend Dr. Canales.

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