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Kristi & Dave's Isla Adventure (Part 4)

By: KristinMN (View Profile)
Date: 11/19/2007

Part 4

Wednesday - beautiful again! BIG day today!!

Check my mapchick map for a breakfast spot. I know we could follow our nose, but...I love doing the research and this helps me when we're walking along and Dave asks, "What about this place?". I can say, "Yes, this is a good one!"...hehe.

Today we eat breakfast at Amigos (I had three pancakes and bacon, Dave had a Mexican omelet, I think, and 2 coffees)...Good, around $12US, great service.

~ After we order a meal, I usually ask Dave what he ordered, because he would ask our server questions and then decide. Me, I just pick something out. (just the opposite of what happens in the US, we changed places...hehe)

Me, "What did you order?"
Dave, "...I have no idea."
One of his usual responses, we laugh, I think it's hilarious!

We make a pit stop at the Super Express for water, habanero sauce ($1US) and achioete paste (to bring home).

It's golf cart day, I hang by the pool and Dave goes to Ciro's (24 hrs for $45US, don't forget your drivers license!). He's back, we pack some cervesas and cut up limes and we're off to the south end!

We stop at Punta Sur, see the iguanas and pay the $3US to get to the south tip.

Wouldn't catch me doing that.

I didn't realize that there are stairs and other pathways leading down closer to the waves (this was closed during our 2006 visit)! It was awesome, well worth it!!

Off in our golf cart again and check out the Caribbean side with the big waves where conch shell beach is (not as many shells as early 2006 but, still neat).

One of the many rentals along the way.

We both liked this sign.

We do a drive by the Garaffon park area (gorgeous water!!).

Lunch at Minno's...very friendly staff.

Feet in the sand watching the boats, water, birds and people, I loved it here.

Mas cervesas, Excellent fish tacos. I was doing really well asking and remembering every ones names but now that I'm home, I forgot our server's name, but he was very nice.

One of the other servers was bringing this octopus to the kitchen, when he saw the look on my face, he decided I should get a closer look.

I got to have my picture taken with it, somewhat of a nervous smile. I must admit, it's one of my favorite pictures...LOL!

There's a big boat stuck in really shallow water a few hundred yards off shore.

We saw people walking out to it, so we do the same (I think it's between the Avalon and Buho's, somewhere in that area?). I couldn't believe how shallow it was all the way out was below my waist and some points to my knees! They finally got it out of there two hours after we left but, I think it was there for two days.

Dave finally got some very good sunset photos!

We're still in the water as the sun is about to set.

at Sergio's

Time to shower up for dinner.

Before we eat, I want to stop at the Cuban place for 2x1 Mojito's ($5US) very good and very good service.

We head out. Baseball Tacos for dinner! I've been waiting for this night! Since we have the golf cart, I told Dave, "This is baseball taco night!". It's dark and we find it right away...thanks to pictures and explanations from everyone on the board.

We looked to be the only tourists there, our waiter (wish I could remember his name) nice guy, didn't speak English so I did my best in the little Spanish I knew. No problemo. This was the best meal we had the whole trip! Loved them! The habanero sauce was the best, HOT and SO good! I think Dave said, "I think I hurt myself" after laddeling the habanero sauce over every taco. Everything was great!!! We had 6 tacos (with all the fixens including rice, peppers and beans) and 4 tap cervesas - $12US. We can understand why people rave about this place.

We park the cart back at Ixchel and walk into town.
We see Miguel from Sergio's at Faynes with some people we met before...they invite us to join them. Some of them are doing Mayan Sacrifice's (it's a flaming shot of something that the waiter pours into your mouth). Somehow, I think I have to do this shot too.

I'm watching closly as my shot is lit on fire...

Dave said the shot was still on fire when it was poured into my mouth. Great picture

The band was good and we danced, but the way home was a bit fuzzy, wonder why.

Nite nite.

Part 5 soon to come!

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