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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 4 Part 1

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/16/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 4 – February 24 – Part 1

“We Discover The Paradise Of Isla Contoy”

Up again before the sun…..

I enjoy the scenery for a while…

I decide to hop back into bed for a while so I will feel well-rested for our excursion to Isla Contoy today. By 7 we are having showers and packing up the gear. We have a very light breakfast and arrive at Captain Tony’s by 8:30am. Jan and Bruce are gathered and we introduce ourselves to Cherry and Neal, Cheryl and Lavinia. While Tony and his brother Mario get everything ready, Lavinia and I decide to dash over to the Posada for a final bano visit before takeoff. I also pop a gravol pill to ward off any seasickness. It turned out that I didn’t need to do that as the water was wonderfully calm…very lucky for us!

By 9:30 we are settled on the boat and take off onto the gorgeous waters. We enjoy the view along the way and stop to snorkel. The current is incredibly strong though and I head back to the boat after a short while. There is just as much beauty out of the water…

We enjoy some fruit prepared by Mario and once everyone is back in the boat, we are on our way again. Tony does some hand line fishing on the way and in a matter of minutes scores a beauty…

He filets the barracuda while Mario steers the boat.

Soon, Isla Contoy comes into view and it takes our breath away….truly postcard perfect…

Tony maneuvers the boat slowly along the shoreline so we can enjoy the view. Isla Contoy is a bird sanctuary and there are swarms of them circling overhead….

As we see the dock and beach come into view we are all anxious to explore this paradise.

Tony and Mario get to work preparing a fabulous lunch for us while we all wander off. The beach is gorgeous…

Off to the museum and observation tower where we find our path blocked by this fellow…

We climb the stairs to the tower and the view is amazing. Taking in the view from every angle…

Back down again and we wander the walkway to the lagoon area where the birds are gathered.

We find our way back to the beach palapa where Tony and Mario have an amazing lunch ready for us…

The most delicious picnic lunch ever!

So delicious that all the critters come out of the jungle to check it out…

The hermit crabs and iguanas enjoy their feast and provide us with some great entertainment…

They just keep coming!

So that’s what a hermit crab looks like!

With tummies full, the beach is calling us…

Wow….look at that! The manta ray is here!

Jan and I get in the water with some left over lunch and feed the manta ray and some other little friendly fish. It was an incredible experience!

Our group gathers for a photo…

Too soon, Tony calls us back to the boat. With happy smiles we take in the views as we leave this little slice of paradise….

To be continued…..

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