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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 7

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/24/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 7 – February 27

“We Get Our Hog!”

After such an amazingly calm day yesterday, the wind is back with a vengeance. We should have known it was the calm before the storm! I’m up at 6am to check out all the waves…

There are a number of clouds on the horizon but it is still very picturesque…

I linger for a while, enjoying the start of another day…

And then whispering ‘Happy Anniversary Baby’, to Vince, I hop back into bed for a little more sleep. It’s our 4th Renewal Anniversary….we renewed our vows in a ceremony on the beach at the Iberostar Paraiso in 2002 with good friends, Bob and Sandi. The memories put a smile on my face as I snuggle under the covers.

When I wake up again it’s 8:30 and time to get moving! We have big plans today…well, not really, except that Vince is very excited….he’s getting his ‘hog’ today. That ‘hog’ would be a cute little bright yellow Honda ‘Beat’ moped. We had so much fun with our moped last year and we’re looking forward to having it again.

I dash off to the bank and while I wait, the little boy in front of me drops his dad’s moped helmet. It falls against the glass plate windows and sets off the alarms. Security guards come running….I’m tempted to put my hands in the air as a display of innocence! The little boy looks terrified and the dad hides his head in his arms resting on the counter. Once the initial commotion is over, it’s all quite comical. I smile at the little boy hoping to reassure him that it’s okay and we all know it was just an accident. Well, it helped the 20 minutes in line go by a little faster!

Off to see our amigo ‘Cheeklet’ at ‘Burgos’…a moped rental shop on Guerrero.

We soon have our ‘Pepe’, although Vince cringes at the bright yellow helmets. Hey, we’ll show up better that way.

We enjoy a breakfast of fresh croissants, jam and juice on our balcony. With the beach bag packed and firmly hung on my shoulder, we hop on Pepe for the short ride to Playa Norte. I can tell Vince wishes it was a longer ride but it’s so windy today that I’m not into being sandblasted on a moped ride.

The beach is quite windy as well, but Transito, the umbrella fella plants one in the sand for us and secures it. Even with the wind the sun was incredibly hot. We enjoy a very relaxing day, just reading, swimming and sipping a cold one or two. The wind starts picking up though so in the early afternoon we pack up and take a short ride to the beach near the Posada. We bump into Stacey and Colin who are on their way to change hotel rooms. They ended up at Hotel Osorio and enjoyed it for the rest of the week.

Clouds have taken away our sun so we return home and watch the sunset from the Roca Mar…

The humidity has dropped to 40%....that usually means rain is coming so we wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Tummies are growling so we wander Hidalgo, letting our noses do the work. We bump into amigos Jan and Bruce and the four of us end up at Amigo’s for dinner. Drinks are ordered and we are entertained with a parade of more amigos stopping by to say hola. It really is so fun to see so many familiar faces! Dinner arrives….spaghetti for Jan, garlic fish fillet for Bruce, Vince and me. It was delicious!

We are definitely stuffed but pretty sure that we can find room for dessert. We begin to walk towards Color de Verano but it starts to rain so we head for home instead. Darn….I could just taste something yummy! I’m sure there’ll be a next time!

Off to the zocalo where we arrive as the rain lets up. It looks like they have just chosen the King and Queen of Carnival. This little fellow was so cute…his mom kept putting his hat on and just as quickly, he would toss it off!

The girls search for dessert while the boys get their cervezas. Jan finds the crepe man and has one made with Nutella filling. It smelled so delicious but Jan said it was a little chewy. She had to hold on to the rolled-up crepe with both hands when she tried to yank off a bite!

The air is cool tonight so we don’t linger long. We have BIG plans tomorrow so we all better get some sleep tonight!

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