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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 1

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/9/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 1 – February 21

“Oh, It’s A Long Way To Isladise…..”

Our holiday begins 26 hours before we actually set foot on Isla Mujeres. That’s how long it takes us to get from our real home to our Isladise home! But, it’s worth every second! We arrive at the first of four airports for the journey….Kelowna, BC at 11am on Feb.20. Our first flight is with an Air Canada jet and we land in Vancouver about 45 minutes later. Then the fun begins…..we should know the route by now but we take a wrong turn and had to backtrack a few miles….passed through immigration to the US….picked up luggage….dropped off luggage….through security…and then a 5 mile walk to the departure gate for Seattle. Oh boy, why did I wear these shoes! Are we there yet?

At 5:10pm we take off for flight number two in a Dash 8 prop, hovering just above the clouds and leaving me slightly deaf for the next few hours! We land to cloudy skies in Seattle at 5:50pm and the second round of fun begins. Walk onto the tarmac and pick up carryon luggage….take subway train to terminal…pick up luggage….elevator to Continental….woohoo, we can check in early for our red eye flight. Luggage is checked and with boarding passes in hand, it’s off to find a Starbucks….7 hours down and only 19 more to go.

Passing through security without any problems, we go in search of food. We are very happy to find the new restaurant/shopping area completed. Off to Anthony’s Grill where Vince has a grilled salmon burger and I have a Caesar salad with shrimp. With a 22oz beer and a diet coke it came to $30. Best airport food I’ve had so far!

Time to wander the shops where I buy some magazines and ‘The Templar Legacy’….a little heavy for beach reading and not near as good as DaVinci Code. It’s almost time to make our way to the departure gate but as we arrive, we see that the flight is delayed. Oh joy! Finally at 1:05am we take off into the night skies on flight number three. Are we there yet?

No clue if any food was served or if a movie played…we actually managed to sleep a bit. The pilot tells us that we are about to land but I wonder if he’s looked out the window….thick, thick clouds surround us. The fog is so thick that I can’t see the runway until we actually touch down at
6:40am Houston, Texas time. Yikes, that was a little scary!

Easy road for us in this airport as the luggage has been checked through to Cancun. Vince is in need of sustenance once again and is happy with eggs and bacon from Pappadeaux. I finally find Giant Peach Tazo Tea at Starbuck’s so I’m a happy chica too. A few more hours….we’re almost there.

Off to find our gate for our fourth and final flight…the one that will finally get us to paradise! We once again take off in the fog at 9:40am. It’s a smooth flight and once the clouds clear away and we near Cancun, we get to enjoy the view….

The sun is shining on us as we land in Cancun on Tuesday February 21 at 11:35am. It’s taken us 26 hours to get here but all that is behind us now. Smiles are on and not coming off for 3 more weeks! With a spring in our step….the heels got traded for flip flops during the last flight ;) …we breeze through immigration in less than 2 minutes. Off to find the luggage and they are all there in less than 5 minutes…..oh boy, we’re on a roll! Next, it’s green light/red light time. But first we have to put all of our luggage on a belt through an x-ray machine. Hmmm….haven’t had to do this before. Press the button…green light and we’re good to go! A super quick bano break and then it’s out in the sunshine and heat to find our transfer from Jeromi Transfers. There he is with our name on a sign and we dash off together. He has to run and collect the van so we get our first sunburn while we wait. It feeeeels so good!

On our way to the ferry, we take in the surroundings, noticing some changes thanks to Wilma. It’s not as bad as I expected, although we don’t see the hotel zone area.

One way tickets are purchased once we arrive at Puerto Cancun...$70MXP for 2…and at 1pm our ferry is skimming across the beautiful water. Soon we’ll be there….

Vince gets busy with the video camera….

It’s hard not to start giggling with happiness at this point…could be the lack of sleep that is making us silly too!

We breathe a sigh of relief as we see her come into view…..

At precisely 1:20pm our feet touch the dock at Isla Mujeres. It’s that first moment that it hits you…We did it!!! We’re here!!! We’re home!!! The weight comes off the shoulders, the worry lines disappear and the smiles are stuck to our cheeks.

Hauling the luggage….yes, we brought too much again!...we begin to sweat as we weave our way past the offers of help. No, gracias, we don’t need a trike. We can do it. On second thought, this is too much like work…si, gracias, can you help us por favor. With the luggage loaded up, we follow behind, knowing our way by heart to the Roca Mar.

Ino is there waiting, as always. With barely an ‘hola’ whispered, I swing around the counter to give Ino a huge hug. We’ve missed you! Knowing what he and the people of Isla Mujeres have been through the last few months makes the greeting even sweeter. Ino hands us the key to room #310 and we climb the stairs for the first of a million times.

Home Sweet Home…

We fly about the room, quickly unpacking only the necessities….swimsuits, pareos and beachbag. Faster than you can say ‘Playa Norte’ we are on our way to the beach. It’s 2pm, 28C with 65% humidity. Perfect! A super quick stop at the store for water, Fanta, Sol, yellow bag Chips and Japones nuts. It’s so fun to walk into the store and know exactly where everything is! Yup, getting downright giddy now! Our feet barely touch the ground as we scurry along Hidalgo. I can almost see the sand when I hear…’Doreeese’! ‘Hola Doreeeeese’! Where’s that coming from? We look around to see Arlene and Phil enjoying a late lunch at the new Angelo’s. Woohoo….our first amigo greeting. That’s a big part of the fun of coming back to Isla…all the friends that you get to meet up with again. We chat for a few minutes and I try not to drool over their prosciutto. Boy that looked good!

Off on our trek again, we make it one more block and then run into Jan and Bruce! So good to see our amigos again! We will end up monopolizing a lot of their time over the next few weeks, poor things! We chatter and laugh as if we saw each other just yesterday. Amigo number 5 walks up…Jeannine! More hugs and laughs. My cheeks are already sore and we’ve barely been here an hour!

With cya later said we are off to the beach at Buho’s. It looks wonderful….unfortunately in our haste, we neglected to bring a camera so no pics today! Pareos are spread on the sand, a few sips of drinks taken and we are ….out like a light! Sure hope we didn’t snore too loudly! We needed that siesta badly! A swim in the wonderful ocean refreshes us and it’s time to meander our way to Sergio’s for sunset.

We find amigos gathered there….Jan and Bruce, Jeannine and friends Deb and Gord. The sunset is beautiful as only a first sunset can be. We enjoy the peace and quiet that envelops us as it sinks into the horizon.

Tummies begin to growl and we all wander off to Hidalgo. Everyone is going to eat at Taqueria Medina but Vince and I are looking a tad scruffy and think we should go home to clean up. Oh, what the heck…it’s a casual place! We gather a few more chairs and our mouths salivate as we view the meat grilling away on the spit. Tacos al Pastor for everyone! As it says in the menu…we had ‘flower tortillas’…my tacos al pastor were with cheese and pineapple…yumm! For the two of us with coke and cerveza…about $100MXP. Cheap and good! And of course, the company was the best!

We say adios and wander back to our room…it’s 8:30 and we really should get a little organized. The suitcases get unloaded and we move in, making it ‘home sweet home’ for the next 21 nights.

By the time we’ve had our showers, Vince is hungry again. It has been our tradition to begin each holiday with a pizza dinner at Rolandi’s. Even though we’ve already eaten, he thinks we really shouldn’t break with tradition, so off we go to Pizza Rolandi. We find a table on the street and get comfy, enjoying the people-watching. The service is good compared to last year and the pizza was good too. We are a tad embarrassed to be eating again as Jan and Bruce and Jeannine and Deb see us and stop by to say hi. Well, Vince was hungry still and it’s tradition…yada yada.

Hand in hand, we wander back to Roca Mar….eyelids are beginning to get heavy by 11 and lights are soon out. As my head hits the pillow I almost have to pinch myself….are we really here? As I hear the waves crashing below, yup, we’re here. Honey, can you pass me the ear plugs! G’nite!

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