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Yates Family Vacation Whale Shark Day

By: jade (View Profile)
Date: 8/9/2011

Betsy, who is Capt. Tony’s friend, my daughter and I along with 2 more ladies, were the whale shark enthusiasts today. The sharks were 22 miles out. It was a long trip. It was a rough trip also. I got lots and lots of great photos. (On my daughters camera - Ill need to post them later)I did not swim with them as I had done so last year. The two ladies had a ball. One of them was like an Olympic swimmer! She was awesome. Betsy became a little sea sick after a while but she said she was used to it and she was fine. My daughter had a rough time. She was the first one to enter the water. She felt rushed. When she went into the water, she swallowed some sea water. This along with the fact that she drank some OJ earlier really messed her up. After one time in the water, she was in the floor of the boat until we returned to Isla. I felt awful for her. She had been so excited. However, she has vowed to try it again! Maybe next time she will take some sea sickness drug beforehand and wait a while to get settled before jumping in with the sharks. My daughter
We anchored at North Beach. My daughter and I walked back to our hotel thru the surf. We left our stuff and grabbed my bag for the laundry. We returned to the boat. We had conch ceviche. After relaxing, we headed back to the docks. I picked up the laundry and we walked back.
We got cleaned up. I rented a golf cart and we headed to Monchis. It was very good. The owner is yet another one of Gregorio’s’ relatives. We drove to Punta Sur. It was dark. We looked for our friend’s (Michael) house but could not find it. I ran over lots of crabs that were in the road.

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