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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 5

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/19/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 5 – February 25

“Let The Dancing Begin!”

It’s 5:45 and where am I? On the balcony, of course! I seem to be waking up earlier and earlier each day, afraid that I will somehow sleep through and miss my favourite time of day.

The rest of the island is still sleeping…

…and after enjoying the serenity for a while, I hop back into bed too. I’m astounded when I wake up again and it’s 8:30. Goodness, the day is half gone! Off to the supermercado where I have to wait in line for fresh buns. Back on our balcony enjoying our fare, they were worth the wait! Yumm.

I’m off to the bank around 10 for more pesos and bump into Arlene and Phil who are leaving today. Goodbye hugs and safe flight wishes. I get in line at the ‘outside bank’ and wait in line for about 10 minutes only to be told that the traveller’s cheque system is down for today. Guess we’ll have to hit the cambio instead.

Back to the Roca Mar where we quickly pack up for the beach and faster than you can say sunscreen we are lounging in the shade near the unused lifeguard tower on Playa Norte. Most of the day is spent reading, swimming and roasting. In the afternoon we hear music and follow our ears to Hidalgo where we find the ‘Posada Ladies’, as I call them, performing once again.

They are excellent once again! Wandering down Hidalgo we find a young group of dancers putting on a great show for all the bystanders.

And then I see this little sweetie watching intently until it’s her turn…

Around another corner and we find a little parade of performers…

Off to Medina where we hear more music…there they are again! I sure hope their dance shoes were comfy because they really worked hard!

This little puppy didn’t look too interested though…

But this little fella was really enjoying it all!...

The wind has picked up this afternoon so instead of returning to the beach we go back home and cool off in the shower…there was water, woohoo!! By the time we’re ready, it’s almost sunset and we rush to catch the view…

Arriving at Sergio’s, drinks are ordered and we enjoy the red sky…

We’re quietly enjoying the view and our drinks when a fellow comes up to Vince and asks him to videotape. He’s going to propose to his girlfriend! I wonder if he knows how lucky he was to pick Vince, aka Spielberg! Vince slips into position and I take some photos for them as well….it was so sweet!

She said yes!!!

With congratulations said, we wander off with smiles on our faces…ah, young love! Is it really almost 25 years ago that we did that? Time flies!

Off to Hidalgo and we find ourselves at Angelo’s once again. We start with an Ensalada Mixto, Vino Blanco and Pacifico…

Jean and Rich are enjoying their romantic meal nearby…

The main course arrives….Vince’s spaghetti with Italian Sausage…

…and my pizza with ham, mushroom, and pineapple…

We quickly discover that it’s way too much food for the two of us. Luckily, Jan and Bruce wander by and we ask them to join in and help us. They gobbled up but were quite shy about it!...

And of course, who comes by to perform?…the Posada Ladies once again!

Rich enjoys a front row seat…

He soon decides a dance with Jean is a good idea too!

Jan and Bruce, Vince and I make our way to the zocalo where we’re sure there is more music and dancing going on. There sure is! We find the perfect vantage point where Vince can videotape and Jan and Bruce take in the performance.

We enjoy the music and dancing of Carnival and some time later Jan and Bruce say their goodnights. Vince and I retreat to our spot high up in the stands where we people-watch. Carnival is such a fun time to be here….if only we could stay awake longer! With the waves drowning out the music from the zocalo, we turn out the lights by midnight. Such party animals!

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