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New Years Day,Day 2 Isla Trip

By: Gringa1 (View Profile)
Date: 1/13/2007

Did I mention my bedroom was facing the town square.Well so much for sleeping as the Bands were going until the wee hours but that's OK cause I am on Holiday and can always sleep on the beach.It was a hot & sunny day and did catch the sunrise which was beautiful.Got ready to go to M&J's for Breaky but did not know they were closed on Mondays so I decided to head straight to the beach.

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I found this comfy sunbed at Sergio's Playa Sol to sun & snooze on.There were lots of people on the beach but also lots of chairs and sunbeds at that time.Ordered an OJ from Jose $20 pesos to get my day started and covered myself with sunscreen as I didn't want to burn on my first day out in the hot sun.
A guy came by with some peanuts so I figured that would be a good breakfast.I bought a small bag of some round, crunchy peanuts that seem to have a coating on them for $40 pesos.After a day of sunning and lounging went into Adrian's Internet (I met him on the ferry over) to let everyone at home know that I made it in one peice.God,it doesn't matter how old you are (I am in my 40's)but your parents still worry,geesh! It was $15 pesos for 1/2 hour,pretty good deal I would say.Momma & Poppa suggested I go to Miguel's restaurant for dinner so I headed down Hidalgo.I went in to say Hi to Miguel as Poppa told me to tell him Hi too.Miguel was hard at work cooking as some of his help had called in sick (too many tequila's).

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I sat and had a cerveza where they brought me 2,it was 2X1 $30 pesos and the waiter brought me some spicy peanuts.I ordered shrimp taco's that came with fresh salsa $45 pesos that were really good.The waiter apologized for the wait but I told him no problem I am on vacation and in no rush and love to sit and people watch.Off to bed early after a great dinner.

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