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Day 5 - Thursday, March 9 - Golf Cart Day!

By: Wanda_W (View Profile)
Date: 5/7/2006

Day 5 – Thursday, March 9 – Golf Cart Day!!!

Hmmmm, it seems I stopped taking notes today. So, this from memory, and I am afflicted with CRS. But the pictures help jog my memory. Thank goodness for the time/date stamp.

Once again, I was awake in time for sunrise. It was almost a carbon copy of yesterday. Beautiful!

After sunrise, I took some pictures from my balcony.

Damage to the malecon right below my room, courtesy of Wilma.

Looking towards the colonias.

It had clouded over early, and was getting really windy. Perhaps not the best day for a golf cart tour??

Mi Amiga Doreese had offered to get us a deal on a golf cart for the day, from her friend “Cheeklet”, the guy they always rent their moped from.

Doris headed out to rent the golf cart, but was soon back at the RocaMar as they weren’t open yet. She would try again a little later.

Soon, she was back at the RocaMar with our chariot for the day. (This is a little embarrassing but I have never actually driven a golf cart. I am not sure why……nobody ever lets me drive. Perhaps it is because I tend to be……uh…accident prone. Actually, it’s fine with me. I get to see all the sites rather than concentrating on driving)

After listening to Vince give me some instructions, I think Doreese got a little nervous and offered to drive me to Color de Verano to pick up Eileen, Lynn and Johanna. She had rented the cart with her drivers license.

Gracias Doreese!! We arrived at Color de Verano. Eileen was driving. We were on our way with Doreese calling after after us Don’t damage the golf cart!!!

It was really, really windy! I had already eaten breakfast, but the others hadnt, so we made a quick stop at the Torta Stand by the car ferry.

Our first stop was to be Mundaca Zoo. Eileen wanted to feed the monkeys, and I had never been there before. We stopped at one the tiendas in the colonias to get something to feed them. Eileen was looking for grapes. They LOVE grapes, she said. The girl working there gave us directions to the market, which we found with little problem.

Alas, we didn’t find any grapes, so I picked out some bananas, and Eileen picked out some carrots.

Johanna and Lynn wanted us to drop them at Zama’s while we visited the zoo, so we headed up Sac Bajo. Zama beach club is a really nice place to spend some time.

Eileen and I headed back to Mundacas, paid our 10 peso entrance fee, and started heading towards the monkeys. I have to say that I thought it was a pretty sad place. Although I hadnt seen it before, Eileen said the foliage had been heavily damaged by Wilma.

We stopped to visit the crocodiles? Or were they alligators? I cant tell the difference.

There were some iguanas, and one lonely deer.

We arrived at the monkey enclosure. There were 4 of them. We started handing them our carrots and bananas, which they would sniff, and then toss onto the ground. Hmmmm….

Eileen thought they were perhaps angry that she didnt bring any grapes……

We stood close to the cage while we discussed this. Maybe they were just fed, and arent hungry?

One guy decided what he wanted – Eileens sunglasses, which she had sitting on top of her head. Quick as lightning, he reached through the cage and grabbed a hold of them, along with a handful of long blond hair.

Eileen started yelling, trying to pry the little monkey fingers off her shades and out of her hair.

I just stood there……….stunned. I wasnt much help at first.

Finally, we pried his fingers off her glasses. Oh, then he was angry, hanging onto the cage, shaking it and barring his teeth at us.

Okay, guess thats enough Monkey Love for one day.

We started laughing on the way back to the cart, and laughed all the way back to Zamas to pick up Lynn and Johanna.

I cant believe I had a camera in my hand during that episode, and never thought to take a picture. Duh!

We continued up Sac Bajo, and made a quick stop for a tour of Villas HiNaHa.. They have many different types of rooms, and the place has great potential. I didnt see any guests while we were having a look around. It didnt seem very clean, and the place gave off a weird vibe. We all agreed about that.

We headed back down the bay side road towards Punta Sur. It was still really windy.

The new apartments that are being built at May Y Sol.

The view from Casa de Los Suenos Spa

We had a look at one of their rooms. Beautiful, but out of my price range.

We walked down the hill to Almar Lounge. I have heard great things about the food there. I will have to go back and try it sometime. They were not open for the day yet.

Almar Lounge

We continued on our way, turned right off the bay side road, and went for a look at a little hotel called La Joya. Beautiful place! All the rooms are decorated differently, with huge decks, hammocks, etc. There is also a communal kitchen and dining room. It was a very pretty place. I think the rates were around $60-$70/night. If I wasnt a “townie”, I would stay there in a heartbeat.

Balcony off one of the rooms

Pool at La Joya

As we passed El Pueblito, they had a sign out front advertising their special. 4 cervasas, guac and chips for $10. Perfect!! This is still a great little place, although the prices have definitely increased.

El Pueblito

View from El Pueblito

Next we stopped at Garrafon Park, which is still closed. I didnt see much activity going on.

Punta Sur was still closed, due to damage from Wilma. Such a shame. Walking to the end of the point and down on the paths is one of my favourite things to do.

We headed down the Caribbean side road. Oddly, it was much calmer than the bay side was.

I had directions to the Crayola House in one of the colonias. Somebody had a lot of fun painting this!

A beautiful new home on the Caribbe side. There is so much construction going on there.

Another Caribbean view

It was time for lunch. We had originally planned on Playa Lancheros or Playa Tiburon, so we headed back to the other side of the island. I remembered hearing about a little Cuban restaurant near Villa Vera, and everyone was okay with that, so I pulled out my MapChick map.

Soon, we were turning into what looked like someones yard. At the end of the yard was a little shack. How cute! I expected Jimmy Buffet to walk out the door.

There was nobody around, so we hung out and played with the dogs in the yard.

Soon, a gentleman showed up. We ordered mojitos. They were delicious! And we all decided on the pork dish. It was fantastic! We had a great time at this little place. Great food, and the setting was wonderful. Such a kewl little place!

Our entrée was $80 pesos, which I didnt think was bad at all, considering the meal we were served.

El Varedero

Old boat in the yard

Doggie having a siesta under old boat


After lunch, we headed back into el Centro, with a quick stop at the vet clinic to see if the new vet was around. There was nobody there.

We stopped at the Navy Store. I had never been there before. Neat place. Then onto Mirtitas.

Dropped Lynn and Johanna off at Color de Verano, and Eileen and I headed to Sergios to drop off the golf cart so Doris could return it. Thanks Doris!

What a wonderful day we had!

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