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Isla Mujeres 2010~~Day 8-10

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/24/2010

Isla Mujeres 2010

Day 8-10
February 19-21

February 19 Day 8

Welcome to the worst weather day that we have had in 11 years of Mexico….well, other than Hurricane Emily. It didn’t really look that bad when I got up just after 6am….cloudy and a light rain….surely it will stop soon.

And really, it wasn’t that horrible, it’s just that we always assume that the skies will clear shortly and we’ll be off to the beach in no time. Not today! Luckily we had some pan de chocolat from Playa del Carmen Starbuck’s, so breakfast was ready. I just couldn’t warm them up in the sunshine like I usually do.

With the rain still dripping, we got comfy with books and after flipping channels we ended up laying on the bed and watching Mona Lisa Smile….Vince still can’t believe he watched it! By the time that was done, the rain was done too! Off to Mogagua where we had a drink while trying to connect to the internet. No luck…the fellow there blamed it on the clouds!

Next stop was to meet a few of the gang at the new Posada del Mar palapa bar. Very nice! Pomegranate margaritas (2 for 1) and cerveza (2 for 1)…total $120MXP.

Early dinner tonight and with Jan and Bruce, we decide on Mama Rosa. Very nice service, food pretty good….huge portions…..sort of okay baños (I might have visited on a bad day!)

I had Pasta Primavera…..

Vince has Pasta Bolognese

Bruce had Pasta Pesto….

And Jan had Past Carbanero….

Our total with Cerveza, water and tip…$260MXP….not bad at all. I barely put a dent in mine….it was a huge serving!

As full as we were, we always have room for ice cream! We walked a bit of our carbs off by heading up to Cool at the north end of Hidalgo. This kitty was guarding the ice cream!

A bit of shopping and a leisurely stroll home. After a very lazy day, we were in bed before 11….party animals aren’t we!!!

February 20 Day 9

So, what will the skies bring us today??? SUNSHINE!!!!! Yippee skippee!!!!! After 3 mostly cloudy days, it’s a welcome sight!

Get up Vince…..gotta go catch some rays before we fade back to white! It’s a wonderful, perfect beach day and we enjoy every moment….

It’s just an ‘aaaaahhhhhh’ day…….

It’s a dog’s life…..

After a great day of sun and swim, we catch a colourful sunset from our front door….

Quick showers and we are out the door for our 7pm reservation at La Luna. This past winter, the old La Peña was purchased by Canadians Dean and Chris. They did a complete renovation and the place is gorgeous! They are doing exactly what I always hoped that someone would do in that perfect location….a spot to have dinner and then dance next to the ocean and under the stars.

We are all seated in the open courtyard (which later becomes the dance area), candlelight and a guitar player makes it very cozy. The waitress is great….answers all our questions and brings us yummy bread and butter. The food fiesta begins….

Vince and I shared crab cakes for an appy…..they were amazing!!!....

Jan had scallops on toast….which looked delicious but she wasn’t sharing!!!....

For dinner I had the ‘catch of the day’. Pan seared fish filet, rice and veggies, with a mango and coconut chutney. Probably one of the best meals I’ve had on Isla….

Vince had a stuffed chicken breast which he still talked about days later….very good….

Jan had a goat cheese salad….

Bruce had the same fish as I did and Jean had the stuffed chicken too….Rich had steak which he said was excellent.

We were all so impressed and happy with every dish that we extended our compliments to the chef. Next thing we know, Dean, Chris and the chef came out to our table to greet us!

The service was excellent, the food was impressive and the price was reasonable. Our total, including a glass of wine and a cerveza and generous tip….$550MXP.

And then it was time to Salsa!!!!! We moved from our table to some of the comfy sofas close to the amazing Cuban band……what fun! We jiggled on the dance floor, all agreeing that we need Salsa lessons before we try that again! It was a very fun evening!

February 21 – Day 10

Hmmmmm….not the beautiful sunrise I was hoping for, but it’s not raining so I’ll take it!

We take a walk to the market at the end of Guerrero to get our deliciously sweet orange juice. You’ll find the juice lady inside the market by the food court….it is wonderful!

A quick breakfast back at the condo and then we’re on our way to la playa. It’s an awesome day on Playa Norte, and our good amigos, Brian and Brenda join us….

Jan, Bruce, Jean and Rich are comfy under the palms…..

And what would make the day completely perfect……RIBS from the rib man! Yummmo!!!

A storm rolls by in the afternoon, but we don’t get a drop of rain….

We leave the beach a little early….don’t want to, but it’s Olympic Hockey time at La Luna!!!! The place was already packed by the time we arrived!

It was the best place to watch all the Olympics….large screen TV’s and such a fun atmosphere. Everyone was a good sport and it was great to watch. Vancouver made us proud and so did our athletes! We were still a little full from the ribs, but we found room for fish and chips…..they were excellent!.....

And some time during the third period we got hungry again and had lobster and shrimp quesadillas…!.....soooo good. And so good, that we ate them before I took a photo! We had them several times during the rest of our holiday….always good.

Just another great day in paradise…..

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