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Day 6 A day tripper

By: Sawdust (View Profile)
Date: 3/5/2007

Well this is a switch,a day tripper to Cancun. Is this how we get even with them that keep invading our special little island? Really not my idea of spending my one week a year leaving Isla and going to Cancun (of all places) But as I said earlier we felt we must make the sacrifice and go.
As we left that morning on the ferry,I looked back at Isla getting smaller and smaller as we got closer to Puerto Juarez. Now I should not have been surprised but now it is raining again,this is a bad omen? The lady was supposed to meet us at 10 AM. But she was late and went to the wrong pier to get us. Finally she showed up and was very plesantly surprised to see such a beutiful lady and so friendly to us all. She drives like she should be a cab driver. In and out of traffic and around buses and trucks. It was a great white knuckle ride. Me and my big mouth,I even asked her if she used to drive cab for a living. She blushed and said how sorry she was for her driving.... Is there no rock in this car that I can crawl under. Sometimes you are much better to say nothing at all. Here I was trying to make friends. We pull up to her home and it is small,but very nice. Just not used to houses so close together. This nice ladies name is Shirley,we are met at the door by her mother Efie and her brother Hector. Both are very nice and pleasant. Efie speaks only Spanish and Hector speaks not at all. He was born Deaf. My great brother-in-law was instrumental in getting him to be able to hear. Hector is now 42 years old,so is still in the learning process. He works at Wal Mart. Then running from the back of the house is a pitbull named Bosnia. This trip can't be all bad they have a DOG. They have a DOG.Did I mention they have a DOG. Every time I go on vacation the thing I miss the most is my DOGS. Bosnia is a female and has breast cancer. She has already had her breasts on one side removed and will be going back to have the other side done in a nother month. She sits by me and I pet her and talk to her and she keeps pawing at me and I don't even speak Spanish. Soon Shirley brings us all a cold drink that she has just made from the blender. I have no idea what it is but after my comment about her driving ....I aint even gonna ask. I just drink it and its delicious. Soon after a lot of coversation with both her and Momma Efie ( that I understood nothing ) She brought out some other things on a tray to eat. Some was hot some was not so hot,but all was good. Momma Efie has this Old bottle of some kind of booze that she has been saving for a special occation. She brought it from Mexico City. She wants us to have a drink with her from this special bottle. She is very happy when we all agree to tip the glasses up. What a wonderful ladie she was. Hector was also fun to be around. I grew up with a boy that was deaf & mute. So I felt right at home around him. Of course I would give him a hard time so he knew I liked him. Some things never change.
We wanted to take them all out for lunch. But Shirley has a car about the size of that first cab we had on Isla. She said no problemo, We will take the car and Momma And Hecktor will take a cab and we will meet at the resturant.
Im thinking great, they have there cab driver and we have ours. But this time I keep those thoughts to my self.
We get to the resturant and it is a place that Sherley does business with so she knows them and they her. Now the business that she is in is an exterminating. I can think of all kinds of things to say about that but I would'nt dare. It would be taken the wrong way and I have not eaten yet. We were seated and had some kind of drinks that were none alcoholic. Some kind of berry juice. Salad bar and main course (first pasta then Chicken) all very good and the whole meal was about 40 pasos. I have to use the rest room. They point me in the general direction and off I go. If you all remember I told you I get lost going around the block..... I end up in the kitchen, The rest rooms are on the second floor. Nice kitchen though. Sure now when I get back to the table even Hector is laughing at me along with big grins from Momma Efie. I just smile like it was someone else that made a stupid mistake. But at least I saw the kitchen. We toast each other with a last drink an Momma Efie is busy writing a letter for us to take to someone in Minnesota that also helped Hector get his hearing back. She is writing it all in Spanish and the person that she is sending it to can't read it. But I tell them not to worry as Father Tom speaks and reads Spanish. We will get him to translate and send it on to the person she wants to send it to. We all say good buy out side the resturant and Shirley
drops us off at the ferry and we are headed back to Isla. The sun is shining and as we pull up to the dock everything is looking real good. If we move right along we will make it back to the Avalon befor the Bar closes at 5PM More to come later. This creative writing takes a lot out of a guy who has to hunt and peck all these letters.

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