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Carlo & Stacey's 1st Isla Trip - Day 5 - final Isla moments

By: islaorbust! (View Profile)
Date: 5/25/2006

Our final Isla moments, and our trip home – April 18

Another perfect sunrise. I wander out along the rocks to enjoy this last bit of serenity before returning home, while Carlo takes advantage of his last opportunity to sleep in. In a few hours, we will be on our way back to reality. It’s been a great trip, and we just don’t want it to end. Carlo gets up and we begrudgingly start to prepare our bags for our departure.

It’s time for breakfast, so we find ourselves a table, and enjoy our final cup of Curtis’ cinnamon coffee. It’s so yummy, that I don’t miss my usual morning cappuccino one bit. Curtis presents us with an amazing breakfast that should get us through until dinner. Thinly cut smoked pork chops smothered in a thick, sweet and utterly delicious barbeque sauce along with a wonderfully fluffy and spicy omelet. We devour every last morsel. Our final meal on Isla was definitely memorable.

We head to Centro to return our golf cart, and to get a few last minute souvenirs. We wait for the Finas Artesinas store to open…they are running on Isla time this morning. We wander around looking for jewelry for my parents, who have been watching our children while we’ve been here, in paradise. None of the jewelry is what we have in mind, but Carlo spots a mask that he must have! It’s a replica of a Mayan warrior – a very touristy purchase, but we love it. We know the perfect place to hang it in our home. It will be our daily reminder of our trip, and of this magical place.

We then wander down the street a bit and spot little cloth dolls – we quickly purchase one with our last pesos. Our daughter will be so pleased.

Finally, the jewelry store we’ve been eyeing up all week is open (they were closed over the Easter holiday)! Lots of beautiful things to choose from. We found exactly what we were looking for! What reasonable prices! They accept credit cards, so no need to run to the ATM to finalize the purchase.

All our shopping completed, we quickly stop at the ATM for some more pesos for taxi fare and tips.

We hail a taxi, and head back to VLB. We finish packing in record time and settle our bill with Curtis. We have time to catch a few more rays and enjoy the VLB scenery…but out of nowhere, with the sun brightly shining, it starts pouring rain! So much for hanging by the pool! Instead, we sit under the palapa, and watch the rain fall on the Caribbean. It is a real soaker! As abruptly as the rain started, it stops. Just in time! It is time to go, and our taxi arrives right on schedule. We bid farewell to Curtis and Ashley, and away we go.

We arrive at the dock and soon see the Ultramar in the distance. We are so jealous of all the people arriving. It’s now our turn to board. I am fighting so hard to hold back the tears! I am so excited to see our kids, but at the same time, I am so unbelievably sad to leave Isla.

During our ferry ride, the sun is brightly shining. We gladly soak up every last ray of sunshine, as we know it is cool and dreary back in Maryland.

Our Cancun Valet driver is waiting for us – it’s the same sweet man who picked us up from the airport just a few short days ago. He immediately recognizes us, and has lots of questions about our trip. On our way to the airport, he tells us lots of interesting facts about the region. It’s like we were on a guided tour, not a taxi ride. We’ll definitely use Cancun Valet again!

We arrive at the airport a few minutes early…and it’s a good thing! The lines seem to be miles long! We chat with all the folks around us in line…and feel totally privileged to have stayed on Isla instead of some crowded, totally Americanized AI resort.

Finally, it is our turn to check in. Our flight is scheduled to board in 15 minutes!! UGH! Bags checked, we walk as quickly as possible towards our gate. On the way, we see that our flight is delayed about 30 minutes. Phew! We are able to slow down, and grab a magazine for the trip. We also decide to grab a quick bite to eat….which we later wish we had skipped! Really bad airport food for twice the cost of a superb meal on Isla. Oh well, live and learn.

We board the plane, and off we go. The flight is a bit turbulent, but all goes well and we land safely. After nearly an hour, our luggage finally comes down the chute, and we head for home sweet home. THE END!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my reports, because I have certainly enjoyed writing them. Now I will always have something to remind me of our first Isla adventure.

As many of you have already told us, we are now Islaholics. Throughout our trip we talked about returning to Isla around Christmas, or next Easter with the kids. But 3 days after returning home, in the midst of major Isla withdrawal, we decided we couldn’t wait that long and started looking at airfare. We found a great deal for the first week in June! Isla, here we come!! We can’t wait to see Isla through our children’s eyes!

And you know what’s REALLY pathetic?? Now that our June trip is all planned, we’re already trying to figure out when we could schedule a trip next spring!

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