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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 19

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/15/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 19 – March 11

“Adios To Amigos….It’ll Be Our Turn Soon!!”

After far too little sleep, I actually beat the sun….hasn’t even touched the horizon yet. Puffy pink clouds greet me and soon, my eyes are open wide to enjoy the display….

Clouds move in quickly but the sun tries to peek through…

Knowing that I only have a few more of these early mornings left, I enjoy every second….

Early morning view to the south where most people are still snoozing…

The Roca Mar rock…it’s taken quite a beating in the last few storms…no more benches to sit on…

I crawl back under the covers for just a few more winks but soon it’s time to get up to meet our amigos Jan and Bruce for their very last breakfast. Downstairs to M & J’s where Wanda, Cheri and Jim join us as well.

There’s a mixture of happiness in being together with friends, but sadness that the time has come to begin goodbyes. Too soon it’s time to follow Jan and Bruce to their room where I help them with their luggage…..geesh, they gave me the heaviest bag! Vince arrives at the ferry dock with the moped so Jan and Bruce can have a proper picture with the little devil. Bruce’s knee is still in bad shape from his moped incident, but they happily hop on…just for a second though!

Faith and John arrive and the happy/sad tears begin. We have all had such a wonderful time together once again…memories to treasure until we create new ones next time!

The ferry is loading and too soon, after many hugs, Jan and Bruce make their way down the dock…just as unhappy to leave as we are unhappy to see them leave. Goodness, what are we going to do for the next 2 days!

A short moped ride back to the room where we pack the beach bag and make our way to Playa Norte. The wind has finally calmed down and we get comfy in the shade near the unused lifeguard tower. The day passes quietly….we actually get a few chapters read in our books, take a few swims in the nice water, and enjoy some cold drinks from Buho’s.

Not about to change our afternoon tradition, we scoot off on Pepe for our daily island tour. The sun streams down on Garrafon…

Arriving back in centro we decide to hit the mall….that would be Hidalgo Mall…time for the dreaded shopping list! Strange as it may seem for a girl, I hate shopping! I would much rather be laying on the beach or just reading a book, but the required purchases are calling. With a wallet full of pesos, we quickly find t-shirts and trinkets for the boys, some more wonderful talavera for my collection from the silver/talavera shop just east of the square, some new flips flops for Vince and some jars of strawberry jam, mayonnaise and mustard…they just taste better!

We meet up with Wanda for her last dinner. Her flight leaves at some ridiculous hour in the middle of the night so she has to leave Isla around 9pm. She is definitely a quieter version of herself as we find some seats on the street outside CoMoNo’s. We enjoy a variety of tapas…shrimp tempura, bread with various yummy dips. Ino walks by as we’re eating and gives Wanda a gentle shoulder hug goodbye. Her eyes begin to brim with tears. I told you one week was too short! Too soon we have to escort Wanda to the ferry, and too soon, she walks the plank and steps onto the ferry. Didn’t she just get here?! We wave until she’s off in the distance, knowing that our turn is coming.

Still feeling a little hungry, our feet make their way to Color de Verano….I’m almost embarrassed when Ingrid, the girl there, sees us coming. Is there a rule about coming here every night!? It’s just so yummy. Tonight we are not about sharing…..Vince gets some melt-in-your-mouth crepes while I get my usual…fruit with cream. We both fall silent, happily filling our mouths with our treats….

It’s all delicious as always, and a good thing that it is at the opposite end of centro from the Roca Mar so we have some room to walk off the calories! Feeling drained from a long day of saying goodbye to dear amigos, we fall asleep the second our heads touch the pillows……

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