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Family Vacation Day 2

By: AmyMN (View Profile)
Date: 3/12/2008

Day 2
February 24th

I woke up at 5:30am. Why? The sun was shining. I headed out to our balcony to read and enjoy the silence for a while. Imagine my surprise to see my dad sleeping in a lounge chair by the pool, with blankets and everything. He ended up sleeping on the couch every night, because their bed was really hard (I forgot to warn them). My parents and sister all woke up shortly,
mexico pics 008
and my dad enjoyed an early morning swim.
mexico pics 006
My mom and I decided to walk to the main road, get a cab to town, and find a golf cart to rent. According the the map chick map, 6 person golf carts are available at Ciro’s. We had the taxi drop us off at the ferry, then walked to Ciro’s. On our way there, we ran into some women from Wisconsin, who were wondering where we got our map. I directed them to DigaMe-we ran into them later and they had found their map. So, when we got to Ciro’s, they didn’t have a 6 person golf cart, or any golf cart for that matter. We were planning on renting for 2 days to start with, then see how much we used it. We ended up walking around and checking all the rental places, and no one had carts to rent. I finally ended up finding a cart at Prisma. Meanwhile, my mom had decided that her and my dad would rent a moped. She found one to rent down the street, and we returned to our house. She followed my cart pretty closely, tooting her horn and laughing like a crazy woman.
mexico pics 015
My dad seemed quite surprised when he saw their wheels for the next few days. After our adventure, we decided to go to Garrafon de Castilla. It was like 100 steps from our house. After paying our admission, we began the search for someplace to sit. All of the chairs were full. We finally ended up at a table in the sand under a palapa.
mexico pics 018
Jeff and Ross played in the sand while the rest of us snorkeled.
mexico pics 020
mexico pics 019
It was pretty windy, so the water was choppy. We didn’t make it out too far. Ross also wanted to try snorkeling, but the water was too wavy for him.
mexico pics 021
We ended up having lunch there too-very good guacamole, everything else was ok. Lindsay and Ross enjoyed feeding our lettuce to an iguana-Ross was convinced that his Auntie could speak iguana-good skill to have!
mexico pics 013
I kept an eagle eye out on the lounge chairs on the beach, and eventually a few opened up. We headed down to the beach to catch some sun, and Jeff and Ross headed back to our house to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in the pool. We ordered some limonada from the beach waiter-when it finally arrived, I guess I fumbled with my change for too long, because the waiter sniffed at me and stalked away before I could give him a tip. The limonada was terrible anyways, but I did leave a propina with the empty glasses. It felt like we had been at Garrafon all day, but when we returned to our casa, it was only 2:30pm. We all spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool.
mexico pics 015
That evening, we took our golf cart and scooter caravan into town for supper. My mom really wanted to drive their scooter, but was unable to balance her and my dad, so he had to drive.
mexico pics 017
mexico pics 018
We circled town for a while, and finally ended up parking by Cool. No one really knew what we wanted to eat, so we wandered around a bit, and ended up at Angelos. We all really enjoyed our meals there-various pasta dishes, steak and shrimp kabobs. After eating, we took a little walk to digest, and then found ourselves at Cool for a nightcap. I can’t get enough of their cones! Yummy! Then, it was time to head home for the night. Unfortunately, neither of our vehicles really wanted to start. We got our golf cart running first. My dad tried and tried to get the scooter to start, but the starter wouldn’t catch. So he tried and tried, and then managed to beep the horn a few times. It was really, really funny, just not to him. He finally got the scooter started, and zoomed away with my mom. Good thing he came back for her!
We made our way back to our house, and turned in for the night.

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