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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 2

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/10/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 2 – February 22

“It’s Good To Be Home!”

We sleep like logs while the waves pound below our balcony. I did use ear plugs for the first few days until the wave sounds became like a lullaby.

My internal alarm clock goes off just before 6am. I was wondering if I would wake up before sunrise like I have on other holidays. Sure enough, I’m up before the sun…a routine that would continue for the entire holiday. Who would want to miss this!...

I try to wake up Vince and I think he did take a quick look with one eye, then rolled over and went back to lala land. His loss! I enjoyed the peaceful time on the balcony writing in my journal and just enjoying the scenery.

It’s time for a shower but the water pressure doesn’t seem to agree….it was sorely lacking. It wasn’t easy shampooing and rinsing hair with a trickle…had to get used to it though as it happened most of the time while we were there. By 8am I stop tiptoeing around so the lazy bum will get up, finally! Off to the supermercado to get our supplies…..kleenex, paper towel, paper plates, cream cheese, strawberry jam, yogurt, manzana lift, big bottles of water, fanta, coke, more yellow bag chips and lime peanuts, and cerveza of course. We also pick up freshly baked croissants from the bakery.

Loaded with our goodies, we walk the few steps back to our room and enjoy our breakfast on the balcony….croissants with cream cheese and strawberry jam, manzana lift and mango yogurt. Yumm!

Beach bag gets packed with essentials and we are off to claim our spot in the sand under a palm tree near Buho’s. A perfect day of sun and surf awaits us…

It’s amazing how quickly we can become ‘beach potatoes’! The day passes with reading, munching, drinking and a few games of backgammon….I beat Vince 2 to 1! :) Taking a few dips in that wonderful soothing water makes all my aches and pains disappear too…..

By 4:45 we are sufficiently roasted and make our way a few steps down Hidalgo to send some emails from the Internet shop. We finish up just in time to catch the sunset at Sergio’s. Jan and Bruce took this picture of us enjoying the scenery…..

And what wound a sunset be without margaritas!

Vince reaches out and captures us in the moment…

Arriving back at Roca Mar, Ino hauls Vince into the office for a ‘visit’ while I head upstairs. Vince comes up a while later sharing all of Ino’s stories about Wilma. We can only imagine how tense it must have been….how thankful we are that everyone made it through okay.

We’re off to our favourite restaurant tonight…Angelo’s! They have opened a new location directly across the street from the original spot. They have lots of room now so we don’t have the usual wait for a table. The service is excellent and the food was just as good as we remembered. We shared an Ensalada Mixto, Hawaiian Pizza, and a cerveza and vino blanco. The bill was $215MXP and had a 10% tip added in. They didn’t do that last year….as it would turn out, we ate there many times over the next few weeks and the tip was never added again. Smart of them as we always gave more than 10% anyway!

Tummies happily full, it’s time to wander Hidalgo and do the usual ‘bump into amigos walk’. Sure enough, we see Jeannine, Gord and Deb….walk a few more steps…we meet Kathryn in MN and hubby Bruce….walk another block… Hola Jan and Bruce. No chance to work off that meal with all those stops! Jan and Bruce walk with us to the zocalo where we enjoy watching some teenagers practicing their carnival dancing. Only a few more days and the fun should begin.

Hugs goodnight to our amigos and it’s off to find our pillows once again. All the sun and fresh air makes us eager to head off to dreamland early. As I drift off to sleep, I dream of another 20 perfect days just like this one……

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