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Erik,Luz and Carlos

By: viennaz22 (View Profile)
Date: 3/20/2007

Erik,Luz and Carlos are my friends from Isla. Erik was over at our hotel every day and I liked to play in the pool with him, but I dont think he thought I could do much because when ever I went swimming in the deeper water he grabbed my hand and pulled into more shallow water.He bought me things when he didn't need to. He bought me a cat keychain because he knew how much I loved cats so he bought me one(it looked more like a skunk but oh well:))and since I was always singing the Little Mermaid song he bought me a Little Mermaid book with Spanish and English.I kept telling him he didn't need to buy me things but he did. For carnival we went on the spinny ride that went around and around sideways and I got scared because it was the scariest ride I've ever been on and he laughed, so Dayna said (with a mixture of English and Spanish so we could all understand)"Erik do you want to see your face the first time you went on?"and she made a funny face and we all laughed especialy Erik I don't know if he understood or he was laughing at the face.Luz is Carlos's sister she is nice and fun to play with she wasn't over much so much but when ever she was we took turns jumping into the water and when we played in the ocean Shawn would have Erik on his shoulder and Luz would have me and we would try to knock each other off.(oh yeah and Luz is short for Lucy)Carlos....I didn't do much with Carlos he was shy sometimes and I didn't hear him talk until the last day!That suprised Dayna who said he wouldn't shut up at the English School!He was nice though and he would tickle me till I was laying on the ground shreiking with laughter and he would block the side walk so I wouldn't keep walking, and with perfect stealth I had to run around him without him catching me!They are my friends and they were definatly the highlight of my trip!

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