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June 4-11 Trip

By: Bill&SandyArk (View Profile)
Date: 6/18/2008

We arrived on Isla at 3:45pm Wednesday the 4th after a nice
uneventful flight from Dallas. I couldnt believe all the construction in Cancun, its unbelieveable. The Puerto Juarez new Gran Puerto is real nice, along with the Ultra Mar ferry. We had our bags tricycled up to the Posada del Mar and checked in. This is my wifes Sandy and myselfs
second trip to Isla. Our last visit was 5 years ago with 2 other couples. This trip we went solo to celebrate our 35th
wedding anniversary. After unpacking and getting settled we got our swimsuits on and headed for the pool. We were ready to relax and kick back with a cold one. The pool bar was real nice with swings and hammocks. Ice cold Sol w/lime hit the spot. The pool was nice and refreshing where we swam and worked up a good appitite.
We went for a walk on the beach down to Sergios had some chips and guacamole dip along with a few more Sols. Walked some more around North Beach, everything still looked the same as last trip. We decided to head to Jaxs for supper. There we saw the first big change the massive construction across the street from Jaxs. Huge condo complex. Anyway we went upstairs to the balcony and both ordered the Fish Tacos. Now Ive been around some, and I have to admit the those we by far the best fish tacos I had ever eaten. Lightly fried Grouper with cabbage was excellente,the portion was grande.
Day two started with a nice little walk down the new sea wall walk headed south to La Cazuela M&J for breakfast. Nice work on the seawall and tile work. Had the Ranchero Cazuela, mighty tasty. Back to the room after breakfast and headed to our beach in front of the Posada.
Nice beach, the water was great and a nice place to swim and watch the boats. Also had a cabbana boy fetch Sols for us. Sancochos Grill was our lunch spot. We both had the tacos, mine was the pork and Arrachera really good along with a couple Pacificos. The tacos were $10 pesos each and the beer was $15 pesos, dont ya just love it.
Since the weather was nice we walked around a bit after lunch, did some window shopping just kinda scoping out the things we might have an interest in. One thing we liked about staying at the Posada del Mar was the location. Had the beach right across the street, and every where we went in town was no problemo walking. A siesta felt really good and then we met Romy at the pool bar. He makes great Pina Coladas and other drinks. Swam some more that afternoon.
Went to Don Chepos for supper had a few drinks there and the fajitas, they also were very good. Met a nice family from Colorado at Chepos, little did we know that they would
happen upon us several times during our stay. Mom and Dad
and two kids. Walked up to the square and went to the grocrey store. Hadnt changed much over 5 years. Bought some Appleton Estates Rum smoothest rum Ive ever tasted $112.60 pesos thats $11.00 American for a fifth, and some cokes its cocktail time.
Friday started the big fishing tournament Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Im not kidding it was a BIG tournament we watched them blast off from the beach Friday at 8:00 am
They shot a flare up into the sky over the ocean. I was sure that it was going to come down in someones boat, but it didnt. From small local fishing boats to huge cabin cruisers were entered. Got to see some of the weigh in there we some baracudda that wighed 35lbs. Had some guacomole and nachos at Piguinos not bad at all. The only bad part about the fishing tournament was the music that they played. A guy was set up right in front of the motel across the street. The music was ok but the bass would vibrate your ears pretty good. I was thankful the we couldnt hear it very much from our balcony.
We had the most dissapointing meal of our trip Friday night at Miguels Moonlight, service was terrible and we got a special meal for two that had one small lobster tail cut in half 4 shrimp, 2 pieces of conch, 2 pieces of fish that cost $500 pesos. The only good thing about being there was that they had some good live musicians playing.
Ive eaten a lot of lobster but theirs was tough and not good quality. Saturday brought a lot of people to our beach. There we stands and tents set up all along the beach for the activites of the day. The fishing tournament started off at 8:00 am again with the shooting of the flare gun, again no one got hit. We went to Jaxs for breakfast, got the Huevos Rancheros. I had emailed a question before we left to Jaxs to see if they had them on their menu. Got a very nice and quick reply from Jackie, saying that they did serve them for breakfast.
If you go there for breakfast you gotta have the Huevos Rancheros . Ill try to post a picture on the user photo board. 2 tortillas with beans, eggs,red sauce and cheese with guacamole and pico de gallo on the side. Weve tried to find somewhere that had as good quality since we had some in Belize that were real good. These were that good.
Since the beach was pretty busy we spent some time at the pool, got some sun and were both involved with some books that we brought. Time to take a break. Im getting hungry and need a drink. Ill post some more later.

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