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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 19

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 8/14/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 19

Saturday March 10

“Yipppeeee!! The Sunshine Is Back!!!”

It’s 6am and I bound out of bed…..”Woohooo!” I shout with glee. “Vince, c’mon, ya gotta get up for this one!”

The colours today are like a painting….

We enjoy the amazing sight in silence for a while and then, with smiles on our faces, fall back into bed for a little siesta. Up again just around 8 and I check the view from the balcony once again…still sunny!

The malecon under repair right below Roca Mar….

Malecon to the south….

View to the south and Roca Mar pool area…

Roca Mar courtyard….

View to the west across the island….

We pack up the beach gear quickly and then make our way downstairs to Cazuela M & J’s for brekkies. Vince has a cazuela and chaya while I have my usual fruit plate and water….$145MXP + tip. A great way to start the day!

We hop on the moped and by 9:15 we are firmly planted in loungers on the beach near Buho’s….no umbrellas and no sunscreen today! Gotta get some colour on our last few days!

It’s hot and sunny…31C, 60%...and we just lay back and enjoy the view….

Maria comes by and we have our usual lunch of pepitas con limon….later in the afternoon the popcorn man comes by…more snacks! Faith and John came strolling by to say hello too. The beach is quite busy today…everyone was hibernating for the past 2 days! There are always a fun bunch of young people from the hostels in this area….baton tossers, bongo drummers. Great entertainment in between the swimming and reading.

Around 4:30 we leave the beach, hoping for another sunny day tomorrow. We know the bakery in the colonias opens up around 5 so that’s where we’re headed! We arrive just as they are bringing out the treats. The lady smiles as she recognizes us! We pick out some of our favourite pastries…the ones with cream cheese topped with sugar are the best!

We place our goodies in the hold and then zoom off to a good picnic spot. Garrafon comes into view….that looks like a good spot….besides, I can’t wait any longer! They are so yummy!

There’s no beautiful sunset today so once we are finished our treats we zoom up the east side, watching for any stray dogs. Feeling too full for dinner right now, we laze around reading…I finish my 4th book and Vince is enjoying his 2nd.

Cleaned up and on our way once again, we stop at the zócalo to watch a basketball game. We do a little shopping at a new store called ‘Tribal’….nice shirts for men and women. Time for dinner and we decide to go with a favourite….Angelo’s….consistently good. Their garlic bread is always good and today it has fresh rosemary added….yumm. I share a pizza with Vince and he also has ravioli with meat sauce…..

With water and a Pacifico, the bill was $225MXP + tip. They did add the tip to our bill on our first time there, but it was never added again over the next 3 weeks.

We somehow find room for dessert…actually the owner is really good-looking so I just force myself to get gelato every night! I have my usual…chocolate and banana, while Vince does another weird combo…limon, strawberry and vanilla…$20MXP each.

Enjoying our treats, we make our way slowly home, knowing that there are only a few more nights in this paradise….

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