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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 3

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/12/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 3 – February 23

“Another Day of Sunshine and Fun!”

Sunrise calls again! The sky is clear, it’s 26C with 79% humidity. Will Vince get up today to greet the sun with me? Nope!

He rolls over and moans as I enjoy the daybreak…..and no, your eyes aren’t blurry and my camera didn’t break…just having some fun with special effects!

By 8 we are showered and on our way downstairs to M & J’s where we are meeting Jan and Bruce for breakfast. The food is delicious as always and it was good to see Pedro again. Vince had a cazuela and chaya and I had toast with those delicious mashed, seasoned and fried potatoes and fresh squeezed orange juice. Yumm!

With the sun shining overhead we are on our way to the beach by 10. We decide to splurge on the new comfy blue lounge chairs. Chairs and umbrellas are $40MXP each but you get a $15MXP coupon for each item for pop. The chairs are nice fabric and very comfy.

It’s hot and toasty today….lots of time spent floating around in the big blue bathtub…

Jan and Bruce walk by during the day and ask us if we’d like to join in on an Isla Contoy tour with Captain Tony tomorrow. Gee, we hadn’t planned on doing anything quite yet…still getting into relaxation mode. But, since it’s windy February and the weather is awesome, we go for it. Yup, put us on the list!

Too soon the sun is beginning to set once again and we wander down the beach to Sergio’s. And once again, the sun doesn’t disappoint….

In fact, Vince is a happy gecko tonight!

Even after that silly display, we are invited to join everyone for dinner at Miramar’s. It’s been newly renovated and is along the water’s edge. We join Jan and Bruce, Arlene and Phil, and new amigos, Jean and Rich…

Most people ordered the coconut shrimp, but Vince and I had the garlic shrimp…

Garlic shrimp x 2, cerveza, strawberry margarita and tip…$300MXP.

The dinner was full of laughter and we continue the party at the Posada where there is a dance rehearsal. The girls hop on Arlene’s golf cart while we make the fellows walk. Once we arrive, seats are found and more fun begins…

A pińata has been strung up and several kids try their hardest to break it open for the prized candy…

This little sweetie was bouncing around to the music…so cute!

The music begins and the dancers arrive in their beautiful costumes…

After a few songs, they rip the lower part of their skirts off and ‘shake it’!

The costumes and the girls were all gorgeous! We were so lucky to be part of the sneak preview before Carnival starts.

With goodnights said we begin the walk home with Jan and Bruce, finalizing our plans for Isla Contoy tomorrow while we enjoy some lime popsicles. We gather all our snorkel gear before we hit the pillows around midnight, happily looking forward to a new adventure.

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