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Here Goes Nothing...Moped on the mo-ped April 14th, 2008

By: sandybunz (View Profile)
Date: 8/13/2011

Today is overcast and somewhat windy. Perfect weather for walking to town again! This time up the Caribbean side. Its definitely more picturesque. Once in town we ate lunch at BallyHoos and sat on the waterfront (yes we do eat out every now and then)and had garlic grilled fish and fish and shrimps in some sort of sauce that was delicious. Cant forget the couple of margaritas all for $250 pesos. Back home on the moped we rented for two days, after surviving the topes (speed bumps)that are painted the same color as the road! ...late dinner of huevos rancheros.

Some observations on our vacation so far:

I have given up trying to do anything to my wild and curly hair. It wants to be free and natural and any attempt by me to control it is futile.

Saturday nights and Sundays you can definitely feel the energy of relaxation and party. Anna, who manages the house, plopped into the pool saturday night and spent time giggling and having fun. They work hard but are not all about work.

The fragrant freshly laundered clothes hanging on the line that you can actually smell as you walk by. All of our towels have smelled so good!

The old woman with the crinkly sun weathered smile sitting outside of her casa in town on her white plastic corona chair as you walk by.

Families living in close proximity in full view of their neighborhoods with no secrets yet nothing to hide and this is just a perspective that surely only scratches the surface.

Walking past the shanty town, Colonia de Guadeloupe, wondering about the workings of all the relationships within and knowing that there is so much going on that I will never know.

The discarded shoes on the side of the road and washed up on the beach that are all flip flops - and actually seeing a matching pair on the side of the road!

The way there are minimal warning signs and we are just expected to be responsible for ourselves. Its immediately empowering and thrilling and freeing all at the same time.

Seeing young lovers kissing in the aisles of the grocery and knowing its not done on a stage for those around them but as the only two people in thier world.

Laughing at the sprinkler system on the hotel wall and speculating that its probably not hooked up to anything that works but on display to quell the fear in the fearful among us, and because we demand that the outside world rid us of that fear.

For once feeling like a participant in this life whose part is integral to the whole, even if we are different in look or language.

The older taxista whose most obvious for of communication is his engaging smile and energy of helpfulness and appreciation for us gringos who inundate his island.

The warmth you feel when you pass someone on the street and say Hola, buenas dias! And receive it in kind.

The departure from our casual and almost disheveled culture into a culture that cares for their dress and the way they look even if they are just going to the grocery.

The feeling of no fear of using bold colors on and in thier buildings. Kind of how life is lived, boldly, without fear, in living color.

Seeing beyond the trash and crumbling concrete to the abundant beauty that emphasizes itself to any with the eyes to see it.

Riding behind a moped with Dad and Mom in helmets holding up the nine month old with one arm with no protection gear - or seeing entire families on one moped. At the same time knowing how important family is to their culture.

I love Mexico.....

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