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Trip Report from Linda

By: linda91 (View Profile)
Date: 7/17/2006

Day 1
We left DFW at 10 pm and we arrived in Cancun at 1 pm. All went well and we got the green light at customs. We had transfers with Best Day and they took us to the new Ultramar ferry. The ferry was nice, but a little expensive for me. Anyways...we arrived on Isla and on to the Cabanas Maria Del Mar. Our room was small, but had everything we needed. The bed was hard and the pillows were flat, but the room was clean and the a/c worked. We changed into island clothes and went to see the guys at Coral Scuba. We arranged for dives the next morning. After that we stopped at Don Cheapos for nachos. They weren't that great, but we were starving. We walked around the island and stopped for drinks at Buhos were we charged 5.00 for 2 beers. I thought they had happy hour, anyway, we didn't go back except for the free breakfast. We headed to the room for showers and out to eat dinner. I cannot remember the name of the place, but it was nothing to wright home about. The service was extremely slow and it was hot....

Day 2
The next day we were up and off to dive. And yes, Mexico time is slower, my husband who is very punctual had to come to grips with this fact. I think we finally left at 9:30 pm. We did a two-tank shallow dive at Banderas reef and there was quit a bit of current. For the second dive we went to Atlantis and it was very nice and calm. Enrique and Albarro at Coral Scuba were very nice and professional. It was my first time in the ocean since getting certified and they watched out for me. I felt really comfortable and learned how to be a better diver.
After diving on the way back to the room we got a chicken from the rotisserre man on Hildalgo. That was absolutely delicious. Plenty of food and very tasty. It was July 4th and our 15th anniversary, so we rented a golf cart and explored the island. We discovered that Sol is a very good beer. We went to the baseball field for tacos and watched a local game. I have to say that the tacos were the best meal we had on Isla.

Day 3
We dove with Coral Scuba again this morning. This time we went to Manchones Reef and back to Atlantis. There was a little wreck in between and under it was a sleeping shark. I was glad that he stayed where he was. It was a great dive and probably the best one yet. We had another dive scheduled at dusk/night, so we returned the golf cart and had lunch at Poc Chuc. The tortas were great and cheap. The hot sauce was divine. Mucho Caliente! We took a nap and headed back to our next dive. This was an experience. We saw many turtles and octopus. The coral comes alive at night and it was an awesome sight. The people we dove with were from Tejas also and we all had a great time.
We had dinner at Pizza Rock and it was great. Nice atmosphere and service. The pizzas were better than any that I have had in the U.S.

Day 4
We had leftover pizza for breakfast and then meet at Capt. Tony's for the trip to Contoy. Tony and Mario were very fun and nice to chat with. We snorkeled and I saw my first Jackknife. (A small funny shaped pretty fish) Tony's feast at Contoy was great and we had fun feeding the iguanas. I also saw some ballyhoo for the first time. I saw so many barracudas that I don't even worry about them anymore. I am so glad that the government has worked on making the island an sanctuary. It truly is a diverse ecosystem that is preserved. I hated to leave. I also hated to go back because I knew I would have to pack up to leave tomorrow.

Day 5
We were up for our last breakfast of sweetbread and the final pictures of the beach. I couldn't have asked for a better vacation. My spirit was truly restored. We checked out and headed to the ferry. This time we went with Puerto Juarez. While we waited for the ferry, we got some tortas to go from the little stand by taxi place. They were great. That way we wouldn't have to eat and pay crazy high prices in Cancun. We made through the check out with out being searched and headed home. My only solice is that I am already planning my next trip and this time I am staying for 2 weeks.

I was on Isla about 2 years ago and I can't believe the growth and the abundance of people that I didn't see last time. It was a lot more crowded everywhere. North beach did suffer from the hurricane, most of the beach has been displaced out into the water. Maybe time and Mother Nature will restore it. I hope it doesn't grow much, the prices are already getting higher on the Island.

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