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First time on Isla and we were on our honeymoon!

By: LamarG (View Profile)
Date: 4/20/2005

I already posted this on the chatter board, but im going to elaberate here. Wish i could put some pictures on, but they will have to come later.
First off i would like to say we, my wife and I, had the time of our lives! We were there from April 4th to April 9th. It was our honeymoon and we both had so much fun. The people there are great...everyone was so friendly.
I was amazed before we actually got to the island. We were on the ferry, and all of the sudden, you just see big bright blue-green water spots. SO BEAUTIFUL! Little did we know we were fixing to be hooked to this island like many others i have read about.
My favorite place to hang out had to be La Pena. It is a bar near the north end of the island. One of the bartenders from the Avalon (where we stayed), Montoos took us there. He is 23 and was a really nice guy. If you are going anytime soon and staying at the Avalon, please tell him Lamar and Emily said hello. Tell him i had the La Cuckaracha and we went to La Pena with him. He works at Kellys bar at the Avalon. He should remember us. We miss him greatly. It didnt start jumping till about 12AM and was still jumping at 3 when we left. The wooden chairs there are absolutely amazing and would cost thousands of dollars here in the states. We met 5 girls from London there and became really good friends with one of them. Her name is Elody and we may name our first kid after her as we loved the name...Elly for short. Also met a guy named Richard there who used to live about 100 miles from us in Chattanooga, TN. He moved to the island about 3 years ago and has lived there since. Nice guy. We met another couple from Illinois, Dave and Kristen, both very nice people. Everyone you meet is very nice and friendly. One thing we like so well about Isla! We had people buying us drinks and shots all the time. Thanks if any of them read this!
We met a guy named Lucas on the island. We saw him 3 times and every time he told us he was leaving the next day, then we would see him the next day. He had on a Bob Marley shirt 2 times we saw him and he was wearing what i call skirts, dont know the actual name for them, but they were long and tropical. I think he told my wife he had actually been there about 5 months the last night we saw him. MUST BE NICE! Tell him we (Lamar and Emily) said hello if you see him and ask him when he is leaving.
Back to the La Cuckaracha. If you want to get a really good buzz going, have one of these. Its in a big juice glass and consists of tequilla, about 3/4 of the drink, almost 1/4 kaluah, and topped with Brandy. They set it on fire and let it cook for a couple of minutes, give you 2 straws, and you have to suck it down before the straws melt. Not for the light drinker. Gives you a good buzz, just remember to take it easy the rest of the night. First time i had heard of it, but was happy to have it.
The zoo may have been my next favorite thing only because of the spider monkeys. We saw a local giving a couple of girls a tour and he was petting them. Eventually they would reach out their hands and let you hold them. That was so incredible to me as i have always loved monkeys but never had the chance to do anything like that. We did see a deer which looked very sad as it was in a pin by itself which wasnt very big and looked like he was ready to be shot. It was definately worth a dollar if you havent been!
The beaches and water are absolutely beautiful and we snorkeled around the Avalon which was pretty cool. My wife had a couple of little fish that kept swimming with her. If she was standing, they were at her feet. If she was swimming, they swam under her. We were in for about an hour and they stayed with her the whole time. She got pictures as we had an underwater camera. Ill post them another time.
Jax, which is another bar on the island next to the lighthouse on the north end, was a cool place to hang out. We went there several nights and they have 1.50 coronas all the time and also have a band that starts at 9:00 most nights. Tequilla slammers are 2:50. Consists of tequilla, a little sprite, and i think topped with maybe brandy? Something red. Pretty sweet! The band played a variety of songs including Lynard Skynard! Julian was there everytime we went and he was very nice and friendly. I got a picture next to his friends car which was decked out.
Now let me comment on the Avalon. I was a little concerned after reading a lot of negative posts on the Avalon but i thought it was a really nice place. I heard people dissing on the food and let me tell you...I had a filet minon there 2 nights because it had to be the best steak i have ever had in my life. I love steak and this one was to die for! They even let me order 2 the second night and i put them both down. They were big filets too. The buffet was always pretty good too, a few different meat selections and vegtables, salads and deserts, but both restaurants you have to reserve for were excellent! All the people there were very friendly and they kept the beach in good condition. Not sure what people were talking about with the complaints but i would recommend it to anyone!
Isla overall is absolutely wonderful...even the crazy taxi drivers! That took some getting used to and was pretty funny. Mopeds, taxis and golf carts everywhere. The cemetary was also really cool! I could keep going on and on about how wonderful the place is, but most people on this message board already know.
I am really sad to be on here reading about everyones trips when i know we cant afford to go back for a year. The people there, locals and tourists, are all so friendly and the island is very laid back. We were not frightened walking down the streets at night and would have had dogs to protect us since they were everywhere. :) We love dogs. It is definately a place which touches you and makes you want to just give everything up and go there to live. If it wasnt for my bills, i would.
High fives to everyone there now and we will be back.

Lamar and Emily

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