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Steve & Grace Day 6 - El Farito

By: gee2sun (View Profile)
Date: 5/30/2006

Friday, May 26, 2006 Day 6 -- El Farito

(For some odd reason, Day 5 of our trip report fell down below Days 1 and 2 so if you're reading chronologically, looks down several entries. Thanks!)

This will be our last full day on the island. This morning I had a new breakfast companion -- a chocolate lab. Sheís made herself a soft bed in the sand under the tent. Itís softly sprinkling outside but we donít mind. Sheís not hungry and wonít eat the bread I offer her.

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This tree is in the center of the yard next door at Playa Gaviota. If you look closely, you can see 2 eyes and a skewed mouth in the trunk area just under the branches. There were many chickens running around this yard, too, but we didnít see any guests the whole time we were there. It looked like a lovely place to stay.

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Our view of Cancun from the balcony (which was taken a different day).

We plan to rent the scooter at 10:00 but arrive earlier. Olí #9 is our transportation and Ciro's is happy to bump the time due back tomorrow up to 10:00 the following day.

Off we go to visit the cemetery. I canít find Mundacaís grave but it is a beautiful, serene place.
We park over by Aqua Adventures and drop off our snorkel gear for later.
I am free to shop. I have yet to buy my souvenirs or anything for myself. I pick out a few bobble head turtles and a fish whose tail swims back and forth. We pay $1 each. I wish I had bought more now.

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We find another shop and purchase some lovely sounding wind chimes. Steve finds the perfect ankle bracelet.

We think weíd better have a bite to eat before our snorkel trip so we land at Bucaneros again. We share tacos and quesadillas. They are perfect and the service is excellent as usual.

We arrive at Aqua Adventures at 11:30 to get fitted for life jackets and gear. We meet Wilbur and he loads up scuba gear and our stuff and off we go to the boat where we meet Mario, the captain.

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We go to El Farito and get our wrist bands. This is a lousy photo but shows the area we snorkeled Ė just to the right of these rocks and end up at the lighthouse on the left.

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Wilbur instructs us to not touch anything and to follow him. The current takes us immediately and we donít have to swim at all. He points out a ray, a moray eel, a school of barracuda and several other huge fish that I canít remember the name of. My favorite is the pastel blue ones and the multi colored orange ones.

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The coral is so cool to see. I have never seen anything like this before. The colors are a little disappointing but I blame the cloudy skies for this. Back up on the boat with some incredible memories!

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The captain, Mario, and our snorkel guide, Wilbur.

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Wilbur and a drenched rat!

We say adios to Donna and gather our stuff and head back over to Avalon to snorkel and feed the fish. They are so hungry! Very willing to eat all we have.

We walk from Avalon all the way across Playa Norte to Sergioís and Iím thinking we just might run into Jan and Bruce again. Just as we start to head back, there they are! We stop and take photos and meet Kathy and Bill, too. What fun!

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Jan & Bruce
(Steve asks me to get in the picture but I really wish I hadnít -Ė too many photos with ol' Grace in them!)

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Bill & Kathy
They are still on Isla. They plan to be there 19 days! What a lucky couple!

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Playa Norte

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The women aren't the only thing topless on Playa Norte. I've never seen palm tree roots before! These poor trees really took a beating!

Back to Avalon and scooter home. Iím taking pictures like crazy from the back of the scooter.

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Looks like the kids have fun decorating their bicycles!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Pretty self explanatory Ė at a construction site.

Steve wants to do the nightlife our last evening on the island. We clean up real nice and head back downtown.

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This sail boat was in the harbor for days. Steve's a sailor at heart so we have to take a photo to remember and think of the wonderful time they must be having!

We stop at Picus for a Pina Colada and Sol and enjoy the boats tied up at the bay.

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I am a typographer by trade and can spot a typo a mile away. Blody Merry just cracks me up!

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I notice a local man getting ready to chop something up. It takes him a long time but finally he starts. We ask if we can take his picture and he doesnít mind. Itís octopus!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We hit the banos on the way out. I canít get the door open so I stand there thinking it might be occupied. A little girl with several belts to sell thrown over her shoulder appears from no where. She tells me "Itís ok" and points to the bano. She is so pretty, a little Mayan angel. I try the door again and it opens. When I come out, sheís gone.

We walk along the beach looking for nightlife but itís dark and quiet. We head for Hidalgo and I find the most beautiful flat beaded bracelets. A lovely young couple are dancing slowly to the music coming from their shop. I look but donít want to interrupt them so we walk some more. On our way back, we stop and I buy the perfect bracelet. The price is right ($10) so I donít even try to bargain. The young girl tells us how her dance partnerís father makes the bracelets. Funny how we walked Hidalgo several times but this is the first I had noticed this shop.

We head over to Fayneís. This is definitely where the party is happening! We are actually sitting in front of the bar next to Fayneís which is La Adelita. We buy 2 for one Sol and Pina Coladas. They are delicious!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The little Mayan angel appears again with her wares. She looks so wise for what appears to be a girl around 7 years old.

Itís our last night and I feel sad to be leaving but so happy we had such a great vacation. Steve asks me to dance a slow song and I get his cheek wet with tears. He understands. Then we swing around a bit on the dance floor and sit to finish our drinks. Weíll let the young kids entertain us with their partying.

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