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January 26 - February 2nd Trip Report

By: Nancy in MI (View Profile)
Date: 2/18/2007

January 26-February 2nd

This was trip number eight for me and third for my husband. We brought along my son and his wife and a couple of newbies, Rose & Linda.

We came in 45 minutes late because of de-icing in Detroit, but was worth it when we landed. The weather was absolutely gorgeous.

My son & wife stayed at Coral Apts and the rest of us stayed at Hotel Vistalmar.

Instead of writing pages of happenings, Iíll just highlight.


Seeing again, Marianne, Rosie, Steve, Mark, Lenore (at Loncheria A & G) and finally meeting Donna & Ziggy. Was great to see all.

We didnít have a meal that we disliked. It was all WONDERFUL, Baseball Field Tacos, M&Jís, Buhoís, Bistro Francais, Sunset Grill, Bamboo, Pizza Rock, Jax, and of course, Loncheria A & G.

We spent most of our time enjoying the warm weather, fishing, shopping and just showing our newbies the island.

In our opinion, the island was really clean. We didnít notice very much litter at all.


Day trippers from Cancun

I must say, I was very upset that we were offered drugs, on two occasions, by shopkeepers. I know there has been discussion on the message board, but have never experienced it. We did this time. When my son told the gentleman that drugs were illegal, he said, ďNo itís legal, because I grow it myself.Ē We also saw a gentleman that was so under the influence in church, that it took a couple of guys to get him out. I felt so sad. The locals told us that drugs are destroying a lot of people.

Overall, we had a great time and will definitely be back again.

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