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Runaway to Isla Elopement part one Arriving in Canun/Isla

By: BandT (View Profile)
Date: 9/12/2007

Ok I think I have been to busy since getting back. A little background to understand this whole run away to Isla to get married. Trish and myself (Brandon ) ,hence BandT , have been planning on getting married in Cancun and then slide it over to Isla since last fall. At first it was going to just be our mothers and us wham bam, but we thought well see and let every one in on the idea. Big mistake , talk about out of control family , mainly our fathers and siblings just made it 1000 time harder for us to do this our way.So it got to both of us and we ended up canceling it completely this spring. We played it off to our family we were splitting up and heading on seperate vacatoins in opposite directions. Quietly we planned otherwise. To save a little money we do it legally here in the stated the night before we fly out to Cancun/Isla and do the real commitment ring exchange on Isla. Funny part #1my mother is an ordained minister and has married my youner brother. So we schemed and got her to show the night prior to our departure thinkning she is meeting a couple I know to discuss doing a ceremony, litte does she know or Trisha's parents who were asked to show up for a pre vacation dine out night when they all showed up at the same place an time and saw us and they all looked at us Like @#$@$# is going on.. we got to giggle and wonder where they would find our body parts..Even that was blown out of proportion instead of do you . ok do you.. ok sign here and here now your married. Ok and to add to all this stress and working 7 days a week for the month prior was that little cat 5 hurricane Dean that had its mind set on ruining this. But we got lucky we flew out Wed it hit monday night an was gone by the time we got there and there was very little damage, just a little seaweed.
Ok thats the back ground
I have been to Cancun area 4 times prior and have visited Isla every time briefly and fell in love with it. Trisha has never been out of the country but trusted me with this detail.
Since Dean made a visit I had to rearrange our accomodations due to the possibility that Dean would have the ferries shut down and we wouldn't be able to reach to Isla when we arrived so I booked allour nights stay Cancun side at Ambiance Villas .
We arrive 22nd early flight into Cancun 1230 and was at the hotel by about 120. Our room was available since majority of Cancun had fled. So we stayed night number one in Cancun the hotel was clean their AC artic cold beach calm still clogged with seaweed so we stuck to the hotel pool very nice warm clean and quiet. The sunset was awsome that night we found out the ferries were running and we planned to meet a couple we met online who was going to be our Photographer(he is starting a photographers buisness on Isla is going to be our referral if anyone wants to know)the next morning and do our ring exchange at sunset and Stay the night on isla an just wonder.
Well we woke up packed up out small 2 suitcases and headed to the Ferry . When we got on the ferry it started to rain. by the time we got to Isla it stopped but was not going to end with that little down pour. After we met our friends they directed us to Playa Media y Luna , they stopped by and talked to them to see if they were open and actually they weren't but offerd to open if we stopped by and thought it was ok.We went to the hotel and was showed the pool beach and then the sealer of the Deal the king size suite with private Jacuzzi and hammock over looking the pool and beach lagoon. Lets just say they rain didnt let up the rest of the day. To be continied on the Rain Soaked misadventures of BandT's Elopment

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