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2nd Isla Trip-2 Texans-March 22nd

By: Ninnie (View Profile)
Date: 3/31/2007

March 22nd-
Up early and off to the airport. We have both been working so hard that this is a much needed vacation. We are both ready for the beach and plenty of beer! Made it to DFW with no problems and now wait at our terminal. The weather looks great for flying. No snow storms to worry about in Dallas!

Arrive in in Cancun around 1. The airport was not very busy compared to last year so this is a relief. Got through customs, got our bags, press the button and I got a red! Oh well, bags were searched and we were on our way to our shuttle service. Of course, got the usual barrage of can I take your bags, do you need a taxi, do you need help, etc, but a few simple "no gracias" and we are outside looking for Cancun Valet. Spotted them and they were very quick at getting us to the van and on our way. We tried our Spanish on our driver and he practiced his English with us--a total win, win situation! We loved the fact that he offered to stop off so we could buy beer. Of course we said yes and soon we were sipping a cold one.

Made it to the ferry in no time flat--so much new construction in Cancun. Where are they going to continue to build?? Buy our tickets and get in line for the ferry. Wait a few minutes and we were loaded on our boat to paradise. Talked with a couple from Phoenix who were coming over on a day trip and they were surprised to see we had suitcases and asked us if we were staying on Isla. I, of course started explaining how much we love the island and how laid back it is and on and on. After being seated on the ferry, I got the impression the woman was worried there wasn't a lot to do on the island. I tried explaining that this was the beauty of the island. Oh well, off we go.....Oh the ocean breeze! This is my husband's favorite part of getting there. He is not crazy about planes, but loves boats! The color of the water is just as I remembered--the most awesome color that is almost not a color you can describe. I sit back and relax and watch Isla come into focus.

Finally we are off the boat and on the dock. Get our luggage and start treking it to Maria del Mar. We got a cab last year, but felt silly when we saw how easy it was to walk! So, this year, we decide we will walk it.

Get to Maria del Mar and check in. We were shown to our room and we can already tell we will not like it as much as Media Luna, but we will make the best of it. The view is not great, can kind of see the beach to the side. We throw our stuff down and realize we are starving so off to find food!

I am craving coconut shrimp from Miramar's so that is where we settle in to eat. Wow, it is as good as I remember. We stuffed ourselves and listed to the cool 2 man band that set up behind us. Talk about relaxing! We both realize how exhausted we are and decide to walk back down to the hotel and catch a quick cat nap.

After resting a bit and listening to the ocean we get up and decide to head into town. Where to eat?? So many great places to choose from! We decide on Bucanero's. We both loved the tender beef last year. They didn't let us down--great stuff! The service leaves a little to be desired here, but we shrug it off.

We decide to check out the OM Bar. We missed it last year and read so much about it we had to see for our selves if it was as cool as the pictures portrayed it. Again--we weren't let down! We went upstairs and had drinks and listened to a Cuban Jazz 2 man band. It started to rain so we joined a large group of people sitting under the covered section. We started chatting with them and they told us they just pulled their boat in and they had been traveling around the Yucatan. They had never been to Isla before. Learned they are all from Vermont. They got a big kick out of Texans coming to Mexico for vacation! They said they came to escape the cold in VT. I explained that my hubby does not like cold weather so the only places he will go on vacation are warm weather destinations. This is why I love Isla. You can strike up conversations with so many people and everyone is there to have a great time. Said our good-byes--our new friends were quite tired from their travels. We made our way down to Jax so hubby can check the basketball scores and have another beer or two.

After Jax, we decide to walk along the beach back to our hotel. We make it to Buho's swing bar and it starts to rain. We duck in under shelter and run into two hippy kids (we will call them that for the purpose of the story). I say kids b/c they are in their 20s :) I am in my mid 30s and my hubby just turned 30. We chatted with them (again loving Isla!) for a while and learn that they girl is staying in Poc-Na (hostel) and they guy is camping out on the beach. He sleeps in a hammock and just roughs it. They have both been traveling around the Yucatan for weeks. We both find this pretty cool and decide these two must have some interesting stories. We tell them we will look for them the next night and say our good-byes.

Off to the hotel for a good night's sleep. We are both so tired at this point we know it will hit us hard.

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