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Day 4 - Wednesday, March 8

By: Wanda_W (View Profile)
Date: 5/7/2006

Once again, I am awake before sunrise. Since Doris and Vince are staying in the room on the floor above me, I so want to yell Hola Chica. But, I don’t. But, I know she is out there watching the show.

Beautiful sunrise! Another day in paradise!!!

I shower, slap on the sunscreen, pack my beach bag and decide on breakfast at M&J’s.

Hola Pedro!!

The usual?


My usual is the bacon, egg, cheese sandwich. It’s wonderful! But, there is an art to eating it, so the egg doesn’t fall out of the sandwich, and plop on your plate. You have to eat around the edges first. Trust me on this.

Some mashbrowns and a couple cups of strong coffee, and I am good to go!!!

Tummy full, I head to Sergios for an early start on doing nothing!!

I took some pics along the way.

Miguels…….what? its 7:30 am and its not open?

Isla Contoy Ferry Dock

The Car Ferry. Great idea for an inexpensive and fun sunset cruise. So much fun!!

Fishing boats in the morning.

This kinda says it all.

Posada del Mar from the beach

Sergios Playa Sol from the dock

Looking north from the dock.

I was the first one on the beach this morning, but soon I see many amigos.Jan & Bruce, Doris & Vince, Eileen, Lynn, Jackie, Ralph, Denise.

This pelican seems to land on the bird posts at Sergios every day, just for photo ops. I waited too long and caught him as he was flying the coop, so to speak.

Hung out on the beach all morning. Had lunch up by Sergios bar. Club Sandwich……..yummy. At first, I thought it a little odd to have an egg in a club sandwich…………but I must have that for lunch at least once every trip. It is sooooooo good!! 50 pesos, with fries. Good deal!

I was getting a little fried by then, so decided to go find an internet café to check my work email. I was to meet Chris Lane at 3 pm at Sergios. Went and checked my email, did some shopping and headed back to Sergios.

I was walking along the sidewalk across from Jax when it happened. I tripped over the line on the sidewalk. It was one of those……….oh, I am going to fall………oh, Im not going to fall……..maybe……oh, yeah I am going to fall.


A sweet little man on a moped stopped and helped me up.

Then I looked. Ok, I can pick out the gravel.

Onwards to Sergios. Hola Chris!! He saw my injury and told me to go rinse it in the ocean.

So, I stood out there…..for a coupla minutes……swearin’ like a sailor. Geez, that stings.

Knee disinfected, I enjoyed a few cervasas with Chris. What a great person he is. Smart and funny man.

I headed back to the RocaMar to get cleaned up for dinner. Then I headed to Jan & Bruce’s where I find Bruce has a matching knee injury. Earlier, he and Jan had a moped incident and a little wipeout. It could have been worse and I am thankful they weren’t hurt worse. But it must have been a scare for both of them.

Julie and Marcia arrive and we all head out for dinner to San Cochos..which was closed. We decide on the Miramar. I love this restaurant, which has been totally redone since Wilma. I was happy to see the clowns gone. Clowns scare me.

I had steak arrechea (bad spelling) and it was wonderful. Miramar is right on the water, and it can get windy, so take a sweater with ya!

After dinner, we said goodnight to Julie and Marcia and headed back to Hidalgo. We stopped at Fayne’s for some drinks.

Chris wandered by and joined Jackie and I after the others had left. Too many rum and cokes, but we had fun!!

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