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Here Goes Nothing...Lazy Day All Day April 9, 2008

By: sandybunz (View Profile)
Date: 8/13/2011

The Maid knocks on the door to clean our rooms at 8:00am! Una momento! Please come back later! Pretty much get up and eat yogurt with the Mexican granola. Cafe con leche (coffee with milk).
Ok, since we are here for a month, John does have to do some work...
He is learning not to sweat the small stuff...which to our thinking, even the seeming big stuff is becoming smaller and smaller down here in this vast turqoise world. I, of course have to stay in touch with friends and family.
Today we have vowed to do NADA. Major decision is whether to lay by the pool or the sea....hmmmm pool looks pretty good. Empty and quiet. Eduardo and his wife seem to have gone back to Cancun after giving instructions to the staff for getting the lighting on the pier back to working order. Looks as though they havent worked in years but I do know how the salt can rapidly decrease the shelf life of many things. John thinks they are getting ready for the Hollywood wedding. So we pack up the softside with ice, lime and cervesas of the Estrella kind. Books, towels and ok, sunscreen too. Lately slathering up the largest organ my body possesses (my skin incase you were wondering)with a lotion with questionable ingredients has not set right with my expanding conciousness. That being said, we have not used that much sunscreen but have not goteen burnt all. Our sun time is spent in the shade with snippets of time in the water. I admit I did put some on my shoulders on the walk to town. We are both browning nicely and naturally, ever respectful of el sol. I dont advocate this for everyone.
We are tuning in spiritually together with meditation on the dock, reading our books and really balancing body, mind and spirit...the mind and spirit thing seems to really help out the the body and just intuiting what is right and good for us.
Sunset on our patio and John threw together the New York Strips with stir fried verduras (veggies) we bought in town the other day. $4US for both steaks! They were tasty but kinda grill so had to fry them. Oh well, Isla is more known for its seafood. Had a chilean cab that was so so. One last walk down on the quiet, peaceful sand before turning in...its becoming a ritual.

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