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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 14

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/31/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 14 – March 6

“Time To Tour The Isla!”

After so many early risings, I’m almost wishing that I could sleep in! Not today though! Up again before the sun, ready to view the beginning of another perfect day in paradise…

It feels warm and toasty out already this morning….26C with 73% humidity….

A perfect day for a moped tour of the island. Jan and Bruce arrive at the Roca Mar and by 9am we are all roaring off on our mopeds. Down the east side we go, stopping in at a beach for shell collecting. We find a huge one! I would love to take it home with me, but we decide to leave it on its home beach….

We do keep a handful of smaller shells to add to our ever-growing collection at home. It is getting unbearably hot so we hop on the mopeds once again, cooling off in the breeze on the way. Turning into Punta Sur where the lighthouse and little village is still closed for renovation due to Wilma. The water is very calm on the east side today, making the water shimmer with its gorgeous colours….

As I’m taking pictures I neglect to look down and almost screech when I see this fellow. Good thing he was on the other side of a stone wall!

I scurry back to the others, roasting away in the sunshine…

As we round the corner, barking greets us. It takes us a while to find out where it’s coming from. You don’t usually look for a dog on a roof!

Stopping in to enjoy the view of Garrafon….the water looks amazing on this side too. So sad to see all the damage though.

This tower doesn’t look too sturdy anymore…

Cancun in the distance….

Feeling hungry and thirsty by now, we don’t go far and turn in at El Pueblito. Drinks are quickly ordered while we chat with the new owner from Merida. Guacamole arrives and it is delicious…

Bruce quickly digs in!

We also order 3 chicken tacos and 3 beef tacos….they were very good!

We take our time, enjoying the view and the great food…

The day is slipping by, so we hop back on the scooters and continue our tour up Sac Bajo, slowing down as we go by Zama’s and remembering our fun day there. Back onto the main road, we zoom back to town and agree to meet Jan and Bruce at Sergio’s shortly.

Taking a look from our balcony…love the colours and transparency of the water…

We quickly change for the beach and hop back on the moped for the short ride to Sergio’s. We plop down in a lounger and enjoy the calm waters of Playa Norte…

Vince can’t sit still today so as the afternoon wears on, we take one more moped ride around the island, returning to Sergio’s in time for sunset. It’s another very pretty, colourful end to the day…

Dinner plans are made with Jan, Bruce and Wanda. We decide to do a 3 course meal at different restaurants…just to mix it up a little! We meet up at Bamboo’s for salads. Vince has a green salad while the others had Caesar salads. They are okay, but kind of pricey. Vince and Bruce ordered cervezas, but they returned them…both tasted bad. Hmmmm, not starting out so well tonight! We pay the bill and scoot across Hidalgo to Taqueria Medina. Tacos al Pastor for everyone...mine with cheese and pineapple. Now we’re happy!

Yummy and cheap! Well, we think we still have tummy room so it’s off to Color de Verano for dessert. Vince and I share a Tiramisu cake…Wanda has sorbet…Bruce has Tiramisu cake…Jan had a Tulip Cup with Fruit…okay, that’s what I’m having next time!!!! Everything was super delish!

Now we are definitely stuffed! The walk back home is very slow and I think we were all rubbing our tummies. We should sleep like babies tonight!

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