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July 16-21st Chaperoning (?) the girls

By: sungrl (View Profile)
Date: 8/8/2011

I was asked by my friends 18 year old daughter if I would “chaperone” her and a friend on a trip to Isla Mujeres…well…you don’t have to ask me twice…I’m in. Her mom subsequently asked her daughter if it was ok for her to come as well so it was set…the four of us planned for a trip in July. We had an early morning flight out of Minneapolis and keeping up with tradition I did not sleep but an hour the night before…I always think I have so much time for packing and getting ready and before I know it it is the twelth hour and I am still at it. I finally crawled into bed about 1:30 am and set the alarm for 2:45am. Bonnie (my friend) Emilea (her daughter) and Samantha (Em’s friend..Sam…an island newbie) picked me up a couple minutes after 3am and I hopped into the driver seat and we were off…ok well at least off for our 100 mile drive to the airport. I’ve mentioned before that typically I get to do this drive on ice covered roads or in blinding snow…not this time! This time I did the drive in torrential rain…I am not talking your normal run of the mill rain…I am talking blinding white downpour where you are plowing water on the freeway….hold on tight girls…it’s going to be a bumpy ride! We made it to the airport with a respectable amount of time before takeoff but ended up waiting in the security checkpoint for almost an 1.5 hours…there went our dreams of sitting in the Delta Sky Club sipping on a momisa while waiting for our departure (I had four passes that I saved just for this occasion!) Oh well…the good news is that we only waited 15 minutes before our flight started boarding. We boarded and I promptly donned my facemask and earplugs and I was out for a good hour or so…the connecting flight was fine and we landed in Cancun a few minutes early. I noticed upon landing that the air traffic control tower was now painted/covered by Corona beer advertisement..maybe it was like this in February? I did not notice.
The lines in custom were like no other I have experienced in many trips to Mexico!! I tend not to get to excited over things like this and everyone else took it in stride…finally our turn…my agent asked where I was going and I told him “Isla Mujeres” he commented on the beautiful island and was about to ask if I had been there before (as he was flipping thru my passport) he laughed as he saw all the stamps and said “Welcome Back”!
The line to exit was long as well but went quickly and before you know it we were on the bus and heading to the station and then onto the ferry dock…caught the ferry just in time and we bought the obligatory cervesa and drank to our good fortune. Headed over to the Plaza Almendros where we were greeted by Niam..dropped our bags….changed into our suits and hit the beach…after some sun, surf and cevesas headed back to the room and changed for dinner. Everyone was getting a little tired and we made it as far as Sanchocos for chile rellonos. Yummy! After dinner ran to the grocery store and did a little stocking up for the week and by the time we made it back to the room we had decided to call it a night…I cringe as I type this and hate to admit it….it was only 9pm….oh the disgrace!!!!

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