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Isla Mujeres 2010~~Day 5-7

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/21/2010

Isla Mujeres 2010

Day 5-7
February 16 - 18

February 16 Day 5

“Here Comes The Gang!”

Good morning sunshine!....well, I know there’s sunshine behind those clouds somewhere! Hopefully it will come out of hiding in a while….

We’re moving kind of slowly today….had to do a few things in centro, get a few groceries and check emails. We finally make it to our usual spot on the beach and find Deene settled. Vince isn’t one to sit still for long, so soon he find himself having fun in a game of beach volleyball.

I’m happy to watch for a stray ball coming my way and just enjoy the view that I never tire of…..

The afternoon is toasty warm….finally up to 32C! It must be our amigos bringing some much-needed warmth. We make our way to the ferry dock at 3pm hoping to find Jan, Bruce, Jean and Rich, but nada. Wonder if we missed them? Off to their lodgings but there’s no one there either. Back to the dock just in time to see the ferry arrive and there they are! Hugs all around and then we help Jan and Bruce with their luggage. We leave them to get settled and then head back to the beach to enjoy a bit of a sunset….

And then the fun begins!.....We meet up with the whole gang at Miguel’s for drinks…

Deene gets carried away with the 2 for 1!

Bruce, Lloyd and Rich…

Jean, Jan and me…

Deene has been wishing for a Mayan Sacrifice so I surprise her with one….

Two thumbs up!

The girls start getting goofy!

And then trouble arrives….Brenda!!!!! So great to see you again!

Deene and Lloyd…..

Before things get too crazy a few of us decide that food is in order. Off to Angelo’s for some delicious pizza. It’s been a long day for our travelling buds, so after a short stop in the square to see some of the Carnival dancers, it’s off to find our pillows.

February 17 Day 6

As usual I’m up with the sun, and today the sun is up with me too!

Feeling lazy, I decide to go back to bed and snooze some more. When I get up again, it’s actually a nice day…..

We head out the door……and must have left the camera behind for the entire day! Not sure what happened, but we didn’t take one photo for the rest of the day!

We enjoyed a yummy breakfast at M & J’s Cazuela with Jan and Bruce. Vince had a cazuela and chaya and I had a fruit plate and water. It was good to see Pedro again…working hard as always. Since I don’t have a photo from this year, I can just post one from last year…it was just as yummy as always!

Off to the beach at Playa Sol…..a bit breezy here today and not very warm either. The sun is shining but it only gets up to 23C. Very unusual for this time of year!

Dinner tonight is at CoMono’s where we share shrimp tempura and a greek salad. Of course it wouldn’t be perfect unless we topped it off with apples tempura for dessert. Hmmm…that’s twice in just a few days….it’s getting to be a habit! At least it warmed us up for the cool walk home!

February 18 Day 7

Up to greet the sun but darn it, still not there! What’s up with that!! A quick breakfast and then we are off to the ferry at 9:30. We are going on our usual short day trip to Playa del Carmen, to get our usual leather goods from Joe Natural, but also to meet up with a co-worker and his wife who are staying at an all-inclusive resort near Akumal.

Since it’s not very warm or sunny, we sit inside on the new ferry. Quite a cushy ride and did you know there is free Wi-Fi? And did you also know that it is probably one of the fastest connections that you will find?! I update my iTouch in no time!

It’s so cool how the windows go all the way to the floor now…..great views of the water.

We catch a taxi to the bus terminal for $50MXP and then a colectivo to PDC for $68MXP… a total of $258MXP for both of us one way. Not exactly a cheap trip, but it’s always fun to go there at least once per holiday.

Playa del Carmen seems to get bigger every time we come back….pretty soon it will stretch all the way to Puerto Morelos. It sure has changed a LOT in the 11 years that we have been coming here.

We did a little shopping and enjoy sitting in the sun on 5th Avenue while waiting for Brian and Petra. They arrive and we’re happy to hear that they are enjoying their holiday even if the weather isn’t cooperating. After a little more shopping we’re all in need of a drink so it’s off to the beach we go. And wow! … there a lot of sand or what?? Wonder if all this sand came from around Isla Mujeres….and I also wonder how the currents may change due to all the dredging….

Let’s find something cold to drink! We find our long time friend Edwin working at Coco Maya….good to see him again! We find a comfy spot to sit and enjoy Bohemia and margaritas with complimentary chips and salsa. We had a great visit….always fun to meet up with friends from home…..

Around 4:30 Brian and Petra have to make their way back to their resort for a dinner reservation, so we say adios, and make our way to Joe Natural on Calle Corazon just off of 5th Avenue. The girls are always great about resizing bracelets or repairing any of our old ones that need it.

A quick stop at Starbuck’s and then we are off to the colectivo area about 100 blocks off 5th…well, not really, but when you’ve been walking all day, it sure would be nice if it wasn’t so far away! We leave PDC just around 7pm, arriving in Cancun at 8pm, just missing the ferry. Once again, great Internet connection on the ferry.

We’re darn hungry, so we head straight to Hidalgo and our noses lead us to Cocina Criolla, the Cuban restaurant across from Anglelo’s. It’s about 8:45 and fairly busy there, but we find an empty table right on the street. I already know what I want…another one of those yummy sandwiches. We wait but service is more than just a little slow tonight. There is an occupied table right next to us and the waiter comes to them, but once again, ignores us. Strange? We wait some more…we’re on Isla time, so no worries. Jan and Bruce stop at our table to say hi. Still no waiter. I do a polite little hand wave trying to catch his attention and he points to another waiter. So another little hand wave, but nada. I’m confused! We tipped very well when we were here a few days ago, so that can’t be it, but it’s very obvious that they don’t want any more customers tonight. After 20 minutes, my Isla patience has run out. I tell Vince to get up slowly and if the waiter comes over, we’ll stay. He gets up and I see the waiter coming towards us… push Vince’s chair back in under the table as he leaves!!! What??!! Okay, that’s just too bizarre! We’ve never experienced anything like that before. We did not eat there again for the rest of our holiday…..if we wanted a Cuban sandwich, we went to Angelo’s and ordered it from there. Their loss!

We’re feeling a little upset but tummies are still growling as we haven’t eaten since breakfast. We decide to give Rolandi’s a try. The waiters practically fall over us to provide excellent service. What a nice change! We share an ensalada mixto and a pizza with ham, pineapples, mushrooms and olives. With water, negra modelo….$245MXP. We leave with a smile on our face once again.

A long day so we are home and on our way to dreamville by 11pm. ....

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