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Isla Mujeres August 2011-Day 3

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 9/17/2011

Isla Mujeres & Iberostar Paraiso del Mar August 2011

Day 3
Friday August 26

No sunrise for us this morning…..way too tired! Or, maybe just a bit hung over! Seriously, we didn’t get to sleep until late, but it was due to something very funny going on across from the hotel. Along the malecon there had been a carnival set up…rides etc. What better time to pack up and move it out than at 12am? It all started with a car alarm going off….apparently a car was parked in the way so a bunch of burly fellows picked up the car and moved it! The alarm went off, the police arrived…so much excitement. But there was more! As the large semi trucks drove from the malecon to Guerrero, 2 guys were on the roof of the truck using poles to hold up all the wires so the truck didn’t pull them down. My mind quickly did the math….if they pull down the wires, we don’t have power or air conditioning and I die! We continued to watch the circus act….where could they be going at this time of night? Luckily no wires down so I live to see another glorious day on Isla….but alas, no sunrise.

After a light breakfast, we are hoofing it to Playa Norte. It is unbelievably hot today and very very humid. The air is completely still. I drink a lot of water so I don’t end up with heat stroke like last year.

Beach flowers…

Vince takes in the view….

Just another gorgeous day in paradise….

Since March, there have been a lot of new plantings in this area of Playa Norte. Are these baby palm trees or just shrubs?

This is called the ‘I need to tan my back but don’t like laying on my stomach’ stance…

Playa Norte was fairly quiet while we were there…

The water in the area in front of Ixchel towards Buho’s had a kind of discolouration…it wasn’t the usual beautiful clear blue colour. I’m not sure if it was some algae growth or what. There was no odour or sea grass in the water.

Pick a spot!

In the early afternoon, some storm clouds started gathering over the mainland again. There was a lot of lightning and some thunder in that area, but again, not a drop on Isla!

The colours were intense…

Cori joined us for some relaxation after having another busy day supervising the construction. And then, lucky us, Chen and Yahli came to have some fun at the beach too. She is so adorable!

Always smiling!

We were so lucky to spend some time with this little sweetheart! She stole my heart!

A final goodbye to Chen and Yahli….there were tears….but I’m so grateful for these special memories.

We are off to enjoy the sunset from the new terrace at Caribbean Casa Isladise so we say hasta luego to Playa Norte….until next time! We arrive just as the sun is setting, bottle of vino tinto in hand….ahhhh….

What could be better….amigos, wine and an incredible view….truly Isladise!

The clouds float directly above us…

And the view just gets better and better….

The sunsets always seem to be more colourful and last longer in the summer months….amazing!

And then the clouds just seem to melt into the horizon….

We can hardly wait to enjoy more of this beautiful scenery when we return in February. Sunrise and sunset….bookends to another perfect day!

It’s hard to leave but we have to hurry to make our reservation at Olivia’s. Fabulous food as always, 2 bottles of excellent wine, excellent company and cozy surroundings. I don’t want this to end!

Only a few more hours left before we move on to our next adventure….

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