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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 4 Part 2

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/18/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 4 – February 24 – Part 2

“Daytime Beauty Turns Into Nighttime Fun!”

Isla Contoy quickly disappears off our horizon as Captain Tony speeds the boat towards home. It’s not a large boat but the nose of that thing was waaaay up in the air. I knew I was a nervous flyer, but now I know I’m a nervous boater too! Tony was very capable and very safe and thanks to fairly calm seas we are docking at Isla Mujeres around 4:30. We thank Captain Tony and Mario for an amazing day….one that will be in the memory books for a long time to come.

Back to the room where we refresh ourselves with showers. We miss the sunset as our wallet is looking empty. Off to the cambio to exchange some traveller’s cheques and then we make our way to Sergio’s. We join Jan and Bruce under the cozy new palapa and drinks are quickly fetched. We’ve barely finished our drinks when another round appears….courtesy of Mark from the Barracuda Bash…Thank You! Needless to say after such a long day and that many drinks on empty tummies, we are possibly, maybe just a little, tiny bit…sloshed!

We better get some food before things get too crazy, so it’s off to Hidalgo to follow our noses. We are led to a new Italian restaurant, Albachiara Ristorante Italiano. Just as we are seated Jean and Rich walk up for a chat. They are on their way home…which is right across the street at Suites Los Arcos. Jan and I want to have a look at their room…oh heck, we just wanted to borrow their bano. Off we go for a tour and a tinkle, waving to the boys from the balcony…

Back to the restaurant where the waiters must think we are totally ditzy. Vince and Bruce order Taglietti which was a grilled flank steak with a tomato onion salad, while Jan and I had Canneloni with ham and cheese. It worked out perfectly as the girls shared with the boys and vice versa so we enjoyed everything. It was all very good…

Sitting right on the street does make you a stationary target and with so many wonderful friends on the isla, we had many fun conversations with passersby while we filled our mouths. But we did have one very strange encounter with a vendor who approached us. He appeared to be blind as he had a walking stick and wore dark glasses. He carried numerous dried large sea stars for sale. We were in the middle of our dinner and didn’t really want a sea star so we politely said ‘no gracias’. That’s usually all it takes and they normally move along. This fellow stayed put though and continued to try for a sale. We continued to say ‘no gracias’. We were almost to the point of buying one just to make him go away but then he started getting mad at us. He called us ‘bad people’ and said that he was a black witch and that something bad would happen to ‘your woman’ tonight. Then he walked away. It was extremely unsettling and instantly sobering. We had never had anything like that happen before, nor had we seen this fellow before. I was a little uneasy for the rest of the night and felt like I had to ‘watch my back’. I’m sure that wasn’t necessary but I was glad that we did not see that fellow again for the rest of our holiday.

With tummies full and our wits about us again, it’s time to wander off to the zocalo where the Carnival festivities are beginning. The stage has been nicely decorated…

Dancers are performing…

Cheeklet, our friend from Bugar’s where we rent our moped, finds us. He had brought his girlfriend and their little boy to show off to us. They make a beautiful young family…

Their little boy is such a cutie…

With smiles on our faces once again, we revert to goofiness.

I hold out the camera with one long arm to capture the fun…

And once more, just to be sure…’cause I know how much Jan loves this one..teehee

We listen to the music, watch some dancing, check out the food, and buy some Carnival shirts, beads and hats.

We climb the stands to find a spot to people watch. That’s us near the top to the right…

We have a perfect view of all the fun below us.

Some party boys decide that they need a break and crawl their way to the top as well…

The day begins to catch up with us so we soon meander off to our rooms. Lights are out by 1am and we fall asleep thinking of another amazingly wonderful day in paradise.

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