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Family Vacation day 1

By: AmyMN (View Profile)
Date: 3/12/2008

Day 1-Feb 23 2008
The cast of characters:
Matt and Barb (my parents)
Lindsay (my sister) and Chris (her boyfriend)
Jeff (my husband), Amy (me) and Ross (our 5 year old son)

We (except Chris-he would join us on Monday) left Minneapolis at 5:30 am (!), flew to Atlanta, had a short layover, and landed in Cancun around 1:00pm. We fought our way through the baggage claim and eventually made it through customs and out of the airport. Green lights for all of us. We had arranged our transport with USA transport, so we made our way out to find them. We had to wait for a van for about 15 minutes, then were on our way to the ferry. We arrived just in time to see the ferry leave, which left us time to hit the convenience store for some of our favorite goodies-Mantequeda (?) muffins. The ferry ride was uneventful, and the next thing we knew, we had arrived. My sister and I had spent about 4 days on Isla Mujeres last year and completely fell in love with it. My parents had only visited Mexico while on a cruise ship, and my husband and son have never been out of the country. (My husband points out that he has been to Canada, but we grew up only 30 miles from the border, so that doesn’t really count) My dad and I walked to the bank to change some money, and then we grabbed cabs to take us to our house. We rented “Casa de los Amigos” on Punta Sur (not the one in la Gloria) The directions that were given to us were a little confusing in English, so I had one of my friends who is a Spanish teacher translate them into Spanish, as well as edit them. The cab drivers read the instructions, and delivered us and all of our luggage (with the trunk open and suitcases hanging out) to Hotel La Joya. At that point we were a little confused, but we knew the house was around there somewhere. We eventually found it down the very bumpy and rocky trail that is to the left of Hotel La Joya. After searching for the keys, we finally managed to get into our house and explore. What a great house! I highly recommend it for a family or larger group. There are 3 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a second floor balcony, and a hot tub on the roof.
mexico pics 012
There are gorgeous houses surrounding it, the view from the roof is incredible,
mexico pics 009
and it was nice to have our own pool to cool off in. The only drawback was that it was far out of town, some of us liked that, some didn’t. After freshening up, we headed back into town for supper. Our destination was Picus, but we ended up at the first Cockteleria-I believe it was Lancheros. I didn’t take any food pictures this trip (sorry) but our supper was good.
mexico pics 012
After eating, we took a walk around town, stopped for some gelato, and headed back to our house-we were all tired!

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