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My Isla Family

By: tamara (View Profile)
Date: 11/26/2006

I first came to Isla Mujeres last year after traveling in Central America for 4 months. We were 4 girls and were supposed to stay there for a few days since we still had a long trip ahead of us. We ended up staying for 3 weeks, and we had the best time. But that wasn't enough for me; I was determent to come back there at the end of my trip. There was a sort of magic there that I still had to explore, so after a few months in South America I decided it's time to go back. This time I was on my own, so obviously I was a bit worried that my big expectations will not come true again. But as soon as I got off the ferry I knew I made the right decision, the air, the people, the way of living and the most amazing beach I have ever seen. These things do not disappear, and I guess these things hold the magic with in them. I decided I'm going to stay there for a month and that I should find a place to rent. Fate or just plain luck led me to my home. The perfect place, it's called Gladys's Apartamentas and it's right in the center. I got there and met Gladys, I loved the apartment mainly because it was ground floor and I had a small porch where I could sit and have a drink and watch the people go by. People who later on became friends or just friendly "Hola" people. Of course the flat had everything I needed to cook for myself and even watch telly when I'm not in the mode to do anything else. When Gladys gave me her keys she said "welcome home", I smiled, little did I know that this apartment and this women and her wonderful family will actually end up being a home to me.
As time went by I got to know Gladys better and another one of her tenants that lived in the flat above me, both of them became good friends of mine. So when my month was up I was in no way ready to leave... so I signed for another month and so did my friend from up satires (all in all she staid there for 4 months!!! And she also came just for a week…)
I ended up staying there for 3 months, and I had the time of my life. I got a chance to feel how life on the island feels like. Plus in my last few weeks Gladys found two puppies in the dumpster and she just had to take them home even though she already has around 10 cats and 3 dogs... she cleaned them up and then we thought it'll be a great idea if they come and stay with me since they are just babies and they need a lot of attention and they just have to be spoilt after the terrible beginning they had to their life. So Alan, my boyfriend, and I adopted them for a few weeks, it was great! Not only did I have a family in Isla mujeres i also had babies ;) I was even thinking about taking them with me to Israel. But that wasn't possible so Gladys took them back when I left. When I got the puppies Gladys also redecorated the roof to her apartments, so it was the perfect place to leave the puppies when we went next door to our Spanish lessons. The roof is fenced and has hammocks and a nice place to sit in the shade… on our last night we had a BBQ on the roof, with lots of good food and beer it was the perfect place and way to end my stay on the island. Pancho and Ramona (the puppies) are still my babies, and Gladys and her family are still my home and my friends.
And I just know I will be back soon.

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