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Texas to Isla-June 2009-Day 3

Date: 3/9/2010

Trip Report Day 3

The inevitable has finally happened. I woke up this morning to the acknowledgement that I had been the victim of a hit and run mosquito attack. In the last 2 trips to Isla I had not been bitten once which had been a huge bonus since I am a self-proclaimed mosquito-phobe. Although I didnt feel them bite, they were the itchiest little red bumps Ive ever had.So I took my itchy legs down to Pinguinos for breakfast. Ham and cheese omelet was good and my husband’s ham and cheese sandwich was an unusual but fantastic choice for breakfast.
We headed out for Kates first official tour de Isla via golf cart from our usual rental place on avenida juarez. Michael drove us down the south route of the island. We noticed many improvements as we drove through the island. Buisinesses and casitas seemed freshly painted and clean; a sign that things have been looking up here. Today was the day that we would take our first adventure to the Tortugranja, or Turtle Farm. What a gem we had been missing out on. I definitely recommend stopping in to see the turtles. Dont miss the aquariums and the shark near the shore.

We love the charm and convenience of staying downtown but enjoy the ambiance of Villa Rolandi. We spent a lazy hour having drinks and facebooking our friends at home while enjoying the crystal blue view from our front row seats to paradise.

A quick stop at the overlook at Garrafon gave us a hot photo op.

Next stop, Punta Sur. Umbrellas are misleading. A 10 foot diameter canvas umbrella only offers 3 feet of shade and acts as a human incubator at 2 in the afternoon. This forced us to reluctantly give up our spot and move in for some shade and Sol. Every year i say that I am going to stroll through the Sculpture park and check out the ruins. I have found that every time I venture to Punta Sur, the heat overtakes me and I never
make it past the bar. One day I will do it, maybe in December.
Back to the hotel for kates first snorkel lesson. For her birthday, Michael and I promised her the chance of a lifetime; to swim with whale sharks. Well, neither of us asked Kate if she had ever snorkled before, so heading to Tonys house brought up a number of questions. I gave her the Snorkel Survival lesson at the PDM pool and
made her take a few laps to get comfy with it. She was a total pro. (humidity makes for foggy pics)

Since we now knew that kate wasnt going to have a snorkeling panic attack, we took off to meet Tony. Last year we whale sharked with Fausto and had a blast, but I had to meet this Tony who is spoken so highly about. Sure enough, he was relaxing at home and was much obliged to books trip with us on Sunday.

We opted to venture out to someplace new for dinner. We went back to PDM to shower and clean up when I realized that Javi had given me a very special guitar pick that be wanted me to have last night. Although I had changed clothes 3 times already that day, I failed to notice that a pink guitar pick was hitching a ride on my skin. Slowly, I began to put the pieces back together from last nights beer laden antics. Thanks Javi, for the souvenier.

When I got out if the shower, I noticed Michael messing with our air conditioner. Our little igloo wasnt very cool anymore. My husband has a track record for freezing me out of hotel rooms, but not quite to this extent. He removed the vent on the front of the a/c to reveal a block of ice that was at least 1 inch thick. Thankfully, a few hours in the Isla heat thawed it out and we were, again, a fully functioning igloo.

Since the golf cart was already paid for, we headed out in search of Casa Os. Everyone was right; great ambiance and a beautiful sunset. It was a little subdued for the "Crazy Texan Party of 3" group but it was nice. Kates grouper veracruz was tasty. The chocolate mousse was fabulous. Im not sure we will return for dinner but we will definitely head back for drinks, dessert and the sunset.

60 pesos for a bucket of Coronas is a steal, so we headed back to Jax for the duration of the evening. An encore of Foldom Prison was requested by our fellow diners but I could only handle so much Johnny Cash. Michael, Jackie and Their dog Smiley shared their patio with us. Our waiter, Kenny, remembered it from our previous visits (that might he a bad sign for us). We closed down Jax and called it a night to ensure that we were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for whale sharking.

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