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Isla 2011 - Day 2

By: JoeRocket2 (View Profile)
Date: 2/28/2011

Sunday morning we are up and ready for our first breakfast of the trip. I spent months thinking about where our first breakfast should be since we have a couple favorites. We don’t like to have a lot of things planned out ahead of time, but we like to figure out the first couple meals and go from there. We had decided that our first breakfast would be at the French Bistro. We have been eating there since the mid 90’s. We always enjoy talking to Victor and meeting his new wait staff, but miss having Petey around since the new laws took effect. For our first breakfast, Butch and Joe both choose one of their favorites… the French toast with a side of bacon. The Bistro’s French toast cannot be beat, plus it comes with an assortment of fruit slices such as bananas, pineapple, kiwi fruit and papaya… I always end up with a few slices from Joe’s plate. Kay and I go with one of our favorites as well, the Beach Special, which has scrambled eggs, bacon, roasted potatoes and toast. Their bacon is usually crispy and tasty, which you don’t often find on the island. Delicious!

I really like Kokopelli and the one painted above the front door of French Bistro is really neat!


We walk around town a little bit to see what is new and what has stayed the same as previous years. They have a new mural painted on the wall by the basketball court in the town square.


On the way back to the hotel, we get this great shot through the doorway of Maria del Mar. The grounds of this hotel have some beautiful foliage.


After hanging out at the hotel for a little while, Joe and I head back out to cruise around on the golf cart and see if we can find a couple restaurants in La Gloria that are on the list of places to try this year. We find both La Bruja and Bastos Grill, which we eat at later in the week. Looking over their menus is making us hungry and we decide to stop at Kash Keken Chuc to pick up a ˝ kilo of poc chuc to split between the 4 of us, and head back to the hotel to eat it. We really like the poc chuc here as it is seasoned very well and extremely tender. It is one of our favorite lunches.


Later that night we all head in to our usual spot for 2 x 1’s, Brisa Mexicana, and start talking about where to have dinner. We decide on Cuba Libre and make our way down there after our 2 x 1’s. Kay, Joe and I all get the pan fried grouper with either fried bananas or toasted plantains. Butch gets the liver and onions. We all really love our choices; the grouper is really flaky and the breading has a great taste to it and the liver is sliced really thin, just the way that Butch likes it! You get a lot of food at this restaurant and it is very filling.



Miguels Moonlite is closed tonight for a family reunion (we found out later). So we head back to Brisa Mexicana to cap off the evening with another round of 2 x 1’s. After our drinks, we find some room to each fit in a gooey banana and caramel marquesita from the cart down in the square. Day 2 ends with full bellies and a good buzz.

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