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Jeff & Stacy Day 4, June 4

By: JLM (View Profile)
Date: 6/14/2005

Awake to another beautiful, but very windy day. We hold our breath because today we have arranged to go snorkeling at the Lighthouse Reef with Aqua Adventures. Return to the bank to exchange more TC's and in no time it is Mucho Pesos! Stop by the 7-11 for more smokes before heading to Manana for breakfast. This is a very nice little place that houses a bookstore also. We start with that same great orange juice and decide on scrambled eggs w/cheese, bacon, potatoes, toast & jam. Very tasty and affordable as well for only 100p. Enjoy a nice but brief rainshower while we're eating. Head on over to Aqua Adventures dive shop, which is located at the Avalon, and they inform us our worst fears are coming true - tooooo windy today. Oh well, Stacy has had a mad desire to do some power shopping since we arrived, and a day hanging at the beach doesn't sound too shabby to me. We agree to meet at Buho's at 3:00, so we're off on our own now. My last sight of her is with a big smile, her cute little straw hat on, and lots of pesos in hand, My Gosh, I'm in trouble! I head on over to Buho's for a cerveza to calm my fears. After hanging out at the beach, drinking, and meeting some new people, she finally arrives with a giant bag in tow. Now it's Mucho Souvenirs instead of Mucho Pesos, but that's alright because we had alot of people to buy for, as well as the stuff we wanted. It's now Happy Hour so we grab some tickets and plop down at the proper bar (they have 2 bars and 1 has happy hour for 1 hour, then it's the other ones turn). After enjoying some tropical delights we're reminded by our stomachs that it's been quite a while since we've eaten. We decide to grab something here so we order up guacamole and a hamburger. Again the guac is excellent, but the burger has ham on it and not very good (I'm now craving an American Burger!). The tip is included in the bill here also. We head back to the hotel to drop off Stacy's purchases, and then it's to the pool for swimming, sunning, and Happy Hour, which is fast approaching! After spending a while here, Stacy is tired so she heads up for a siesta, and Miguel suggests tequila to me, so here we go! Several tequilas and cervezas later, I wisely head up to the room, as I plan on making it to dinner tonight. Our intentions for this evening was to try Chili Locos, but we see the man working pizzas in and out of the wood oven at Angelos and decided to sit. Stacy gets the Hawaiin pizza (ham and pineapple), I try the Ravioli, and they're both excellent. We suddenly realize our dinner looks alot like what we had at Rolandi's a couple of nights ago, but that's o.k., we love Italian! While dining at our streetside table, we're treated to some very nice music by a man who is playing a guitar and a wooden flute at the same time - very nice so we tip him accordingly. Wander down Hidalgo and Faynes has good live music again, so we take our usual table at La Adelita. After enjoying more 2x1 drinks, I ask for a tequila menu. The waiter now forgets we're even there as he is doing his best to flirt and come on to a couple of ladies here also. No more tequila tonight, but that's o.k. because we're both pretty tired now and ready to retire for the evening. Walk down to the 7-11 for a big bottle of water and pick up some ice cream to enjoy before bed. This is our last night, as we have return back to reality tomorrow, work has only allowed us so many days away, so we head to bed so we can arise early and make the most of what we have left. Another perfect day in Paradise down!

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