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Days 3, 4 & 5

By: Karen in MO
Date: 7/7/2005

Monday, June 27th – Up around 6:45 and get the coffee going. There was a heavy rain last night and the chairs and table on the balcony are soaked. No sitting outside this morning.

We were going to rent a golf cart today but decided since it was raining to wait for a pretty day. Around 9:30 it had let up rain so we set out for town. Stop by the bank for more pesos and then on to the grocery for a few more groceries. Wander around for a while until it really starts to pour. We find a coffee shop and duck in there to wait out the rain. While we’re sipping coffee and milkshakes, a man goes running by in a lifejacket. Hmmm…wonder if he knows something we don’t. Today I wanted to try to find Hortensia. I had brought a dress I wanted her to attempt to copy. We finally decide the rain has let up all that it’s going to for a while and we set out from the coffee shop. Hubby and son decide to take the groceries back to the room and my daughter and I set out to find Hortensia. We all start walking together down a street we hadn’t been on when hubby hollers at me “Hey, isn’t this who you’re looking for?” I had walked right by her! We duck in there and I show her the dress I’d like copied. I pick out some material and she tells me to check back on Wednesday for it.

Back at the room now, we all get dried off. Nautibeach has a very good selection of movies you can check out, so we check out a couple and settle in for an afternoon of movie watching and reading. Not what I came here for but what else can you do?

Around 7:00 we head up Hidalgo and decide that Don Cheapo looks good for supper. Hubby and I had fajitas, son had a steak which he said was excellent and daughter had a burger. Our meal plus 2 beers, water and lemonade came to 390 pesos. This was a very good place to eat.

On the way back we stop in again at Color de Verona. I had to try the coconut ice cream this time so I get one scoop of it and one scoop of amaretto. Kids had vanilla and lime scoops. The coconut is every bit as good as the amaretto. Now I have two new favorites.

Hopefully this will be the only rainy day we have.

New things I discovered today: Hortensia is every bit as nice as everyone says she is, I am very cranky when it rains in paradise, and who knew coconut ice cream could be so good.

Tuesday, June 28th – Wake up at 6:30 and check the weather ~ cloudy. Take my coffee to the balcony and it starts raining. PLEASE - NNOOOO???!!! Rain lasts about 10 minutes and the skies start clearing. Hurry and get my swimsuit on and head to the beach. The skies look like they’re going to be good for quite a while so I get my nest made and I’m all set for the day. Everyone wanders down at their own pace and my daughter is back and forth from the beach to the pool throughout the day. We met some very nice people today from Washington. They had been to Akumal for five days and then were here for five days. We talked with them throughout the day and shared different stories of our travels.

Around 6:30 we head up to eat at Pinguino’s. I don’t recall what we all had but it was very good and only cost 330 pesos. We see that they have a breakfast menu and decide to come here our last morning since they are close by. We wander down Hidalgo afterwards and do some shopping and walk back from the south part of the island around Secreto and Playa Media Luna and by Avalon. Is it just me or does Avalon look totally out of place on this island?

Stop in at Sunset Grill for drinks. I tried my first mojito – it was okay but probably won’t have another one. Just not to my taste. Tonight I seen the strangest sight I have ever seen – a dog came wandering by and it’s face was completely divided between black and white. One side was totally black, the other side was totally white. I don’t mean it was spotted – it was totally black or white depending on which side you were looking at. I have never seen any animal like that in my life.

New things I discovered today: My family likes me much better when there’s sunshine in paradise, how much I enjoyed watching the children of the vendors play while their parents took care of business, and margaritas will be my drink of choice for a while.

Wednesday, June 29th – Our last day here. Up at 6:30 and hit the beach early. Want to get all the sun and sand I can get today.

We go to Hortensia’s around 11:00 to pick up my dress and as predicted she did a wonderful job. I really like the color of the fabric I picked. Wander up some new streets and run across Digame. Decide to pop in and call the folks. Only 9 pesos for 3 minutes – very cheap. Also hit the supermarket again for a couple last minute lunch items and find the laundry detergent I’ve seen everyone rave about – Ariel. Buy a couple of bags, now I’m actually looking forward to doing laundry when I get home to discover the scent everyone talks about.

Get back and we hit the beach for the rest of the afternoon. Around 4:00 we head to the room to clean up and pack a few things. Had Chile Locos this night for supper. I had quesadillas, daughter has a hamburger (with ham on it!), son has beef-n-shrimp shish-ka-bob, hubby had something similar to fajitas tho’ it wasn’t called fajitas. Bill came to 330 pesos and the food was excellent. Of course since it was our last night, we had to stop in and have our last taste of amaretto ice cream. How am I going to go a whole year without this stuff?

Thursday, June 30th – Up at 6:30 to begin the trek home. Stumble in to the bathroom and turn on the water – YOU’RE KIDDING ME! NO WATER! Got hubby up and told him what was going on. Fortunately we had all showered the previous day so none of us smelled too bad. I had hubby help wash my hair with some drinking water.

Went to breakfast at Pinguinos. They had a very good breakfast that only came to 220 pesos. Their coffee was very good and strong. Head to the dock at 10:00 and get to the airport with plenty of time before our flight. Trip home was uneventful and it felt good to be back. Stopped and had lunch with the folks on the way home. They told us of the shark attacks that happened while we were away and immediately wanted to know if we seen any. Only one we seen was wearing an Avalon t-shirt.

Final thoughts – It is indeed a wonderful place and has, by far, the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. I honestly don’t know if we will go back. My husband and I will be empty nesters in a couple more years and there are so many places on this earth that we want to see while we can travel. The people of Isla make it a very warm and hospitable place to visit. I am glad we went and am glad we had the opportunity to share it with our children. I again want to thank everyone who posts such useful information on this board. Your help has been invaluable.

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