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Isla Journal Entry-January 3, 2008

By: Kathryne (View Profile)
Date: 2/3/2008

We are prepared to depart-or almost. I am waiting to hear if Jeremy has managed to reclaim Kate’s extra scooter battery and basket that was left on the tour bus yesterday. I tried to give the kids a head start on organizing while we waited three hours for the delayed ferry last night. It was pleasant at first, sipping mango margaritas at Bally Hoo and watching for the lights on the water but after a while we started to worry. In the end all was well. The group had difficulty catching a ferry on the other side so had Mickey D’s at the port. We still all went to Angelo’s (where we had our first dinner) where Doug and I split a Fruita de Mar pasta-delicious.

We had so much fun exploring the streets of Colonia on our cart yesterday and then picking up Kim and Marie. We went shelling together and showed Marie the sites from the road. We ended up at Tiburon for lunch as they had not yet started the fire at Lancheros. Fish soup and French fries with lime-yum. Lunch was a gift from our daughter Kate. Siestas in the afternoon and then off to the Sunset Grill for coconut shrimp and a glass of Merlot. This cocktail time provided as a gift by Jeremy. The wind was fierce but they had enclosed the area and it was very romantic (and delicious).

Marie and Bekah think that Playa Sol was the best part of Isla. Kate loved her kayaking at Castile. Jer and Jon’s best times were diving and snorkelling together. All agree (so far) that our stadium taco evening was the most hilarious and our New Year’s Eve the most memorable. For me it is the knowledge that somehow, some way, I will always return. Isla will always be a part of my life.

We are on board awaiting take off. Leaving from the big terminal was such a pleasure. Roomy WC, shopping and restaurants. The ferry over was just fine-sitting at the back and waving to Kim and Michael who were staying another week at Mar y sol. Looked back as the sites disappeared. I am sleepy. Adios mi amigos-I am dreaming of my Isla return.

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