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#4.....................Palm Sunday

By: lee (View Profile)
Date: 3/26/2008

Yes, it's Sunday but not just any Sunday. It's Palm Sunday and the beaches are JAMMED!!! Mexican families are here for the day; three generations in huge groups, all laughing, enjoying chips and drinks, children running along the beach splashing in the water, digging in the sand and often yelling for Mama. We hunker under a shady palm to read and watch the happy travelers. Boats of all sizes come and go; some military. The military has been quite visible this week, possibly because of the crowds. Sergios territory has been reduced considerably. His chairs used to go from the dock all the way to the 'corner' of the beach. Now, his chairs are about 100 feet from the dock. ChiChiCharlies territory begins and wraps around the corner all the way to the ChiChi building and to the other side, right up to the Sunset Grill territory. Lots and lots of yellow chairs.

At least now Sergio's waiters have a lot less running! The ChiChi people could learn from the Sergio waiters who are unfailingly polite, helpful and always running between the bar and restaurant for thirsty and hungry customers. ChiChi waiters are tough to find. You want a drink? Better go get it yourself. ChiChi's advertises a kitchen but I can't imagine what they produce in that place and didn't notice people eating.

We had a liesurely day reading and people watching. Lunch at Sergios where the spicey wings are still good as are the chicken fajitas. The beer is just as refreshing; cold! We finally finish the day and head back for showers. Halleluiah! there's hot water!! We settle on the balcony for sunset (beach is still crowded). Stroll into town, past Fredy's jammed tables, past a crowd of wedding guests at Angelos and on to the square where I have to ahve a $15p taco. Soooooo good and he's right: the sauce is "muy caliente"!! Holy smokes! that's hot! We head for Medina and the hot dog stand where Denny finally gets his shot of cholesterol in the form of a "loaded, with everything, bacon-wrapped dog of delight". His face is bliss as he slowly enjoys his supper, sitting by the boats, munching happily. We head to a fairly new cocktererias, Lancheros. The staff is very polite. I had a plate of garlic-grilled squid which is excellent. With 2 XX, the bill is $115p; squid was $75p. Walking Hidalgo, we hear our names called: the bride and groom and their friends are at the tequila bar next to Faynes. Denny has XX (2/50p) and I have mojitos (2/6p). Finally, tired all over, we head back to the room to sit on the balcony and study the peaceful moonlight and stars on the bay. Off to bed for our last night at ChiChi's.

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