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Isla Journal Entry-January 2, 2008

By: Kathryne (View Profile)
Date: 2/3/2008

We are on our own. Everyone has left Isla for Chichen Itza (except Kim and Marie). Even the Kentucky girls are with our gang. We are at Buccaneros looking for crispy bacon and potatoes. Breakfast is a treat from our daughter Bekah. The departure of our gang was tentative as a tropical depression blew in last night and the water was too rough for the first ferry crossing. They had to wait until 7 and were hopeful that their tour would not leave without them. The storm brought flooded streets and power outages. The girls got soaked on their golf cart ride. Jon & Ty made it back to Chac Chi where Jon said he was okay during the storm “But Ty (the big hunk of a hockey player) was kinda scared”. Marie was nervous too so we lit candles, made some tea on the gas stove, scrounged up some nibbles and cuddled up. We got out the kahlua and lime when we finished all the beer and the girls are turned on to a new favourite.

We waited quite a while for the kids to stir yesterday. Walking on our own, reading at the Roca Mar pool and tidying up the roof. Doug made us a lunch of quesadillas with the leftover roasted veggies and pork and Jeremy joined us at our little dining room table for brunch. When the girls got up, Bekah and Jer headed to the beach to meet up with Danielle, Jon and Ty. We took Kate to the little triangle of land by the Avalon, to show her which place she can “buy” for us when she becomes a famous writer and all the other places that we scoped out before deciding on Gladys’s. We had a banana smoothie at the gelato place at Sergio’s and just as we were leaving it started to pour. Strangely, the rest of our gang said that there was no rain on the beach. Kate’s scooter stalled on Hidalgo so a gang lifted her undercover and we waited out the worst of it. It was when the wind picked up and started to pour again that we decided not to venture out for dinner. Instead Doug went to the little Italian place next to Cool and we got a couple of orders of Carbonera to share-made from scratch on a two burner stove top. The kids watched the end of an old movie and then it was early to bed.

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