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Shooter's Trip #15

By: Shooter (View Profile)
Date: 5/10/2005

Isla Trip #15

We had a guest on this trip, my cousin Frank, for his first trip to interior Mexico. It was so much fun to share the island with someone new. We got to tour the hotel zone and as we drove along the strip, he began getting excited when he was able to catch an occasional glimpse of the water along the road. I kept telling him “just wait”…..We rode over on the new ferry and nothing would do but get on top….He had a constant big grin on his face the whole time….You just cannot describe the look of that water to anyone. They have to experience it!!!!! Frank had been going through a lot of stress at home and on the job and we kept telling him that he was just gonna have to “unplug” and relax. Oh boy, did he ever unplug!!!!
Frank’s favorite time of the day was the early morning. He had a second story room with a balcony that overlooked the street. A pot of coffee would get him through sunrise, seeing the trash truck come by and the shops begin to open, the cats on the roofs of other building and all the school kids and parents passing by to school. They found him and would wave and speak each morning as he waved and greeting them, quietly…..
Frank was introduced to breakfast of matuleno eggs. He loved them. And, he was quite taken back by the fried bananas. I think he would have had them every meal!!! I imagine he will be attempting to create his own dish soon.
For the five days he was there, the daily routine was pretty much the same. Head to Sergio’s and select our chairs early and spend the day just sitting, reading and enjoying the nice cool water. The current had not changed in front of Sergio’s. You could still go out to the rope line and the current would drift you right around the point and all the way down to Sunset Grill. The water was pretty shallow all the way out to the rope line though. Usually the water dropped off rather abrupt there, but with all the changes in the sand, that has been affected. Then, in the evening, we would go up to the bar for some of happy hour. After that, back to the room and change and go out for dinner. We did get a golf cart one day and toured the south end of the island and stop off at Lancheros for the fish….great as always. We went by the turtle farm and I was disappointed to see very few turtles. I guess they released all of the large turtles out in the pens as all of that was closed off and it appeared that they were dismantling the pens. There was only a few baby turtles in the inside aquarium.
We spent a lot of time with AnninLA and saw Ralph a lot before they left. We got to meet Pacia and hubby and Salome and family. Her daughter had a birthday while we were there and attended her birthday party. She knew about the birthday cake custom in Mexico and would not fall for that even though Jorge tried his best to get her to. We spent an evening with Sue and her aunt and ate some fantastic Chinese food that they got down in LaGloria, somewhere. We ordered way too much food as the servings are HUGE. Sue’s house addition is going to be great and I know she is looking forward to having more room and space and a great view from on the roof.
Observations: A lot of the beer bottles are now non-returnable and have screw off lids. We took down a load of “give-away” bottle openers (Frank works for a beer distributor) and did not even need them!!!!!
There is a great shop that does a fantastic job of gift wrapping. The girl does a very professional job…hot glues all edges, takes extra steps to make curly ribbon details and even adds glitter to the package. We were very impressed. The location is on Matamoros inbetween French Bristo and OM. The name of the shop is Choko’s K@R Lak sa del Chokolata…..So, if an occasion arises that you need a gift wrapped, so by there. She had a huge stack of paper to choose from too.
We visited the shell store (I call it!!!) actually Pearl Passion on Moreles. They have sea shells for all over the world and lots of things to look at. Good prices for the quality. It is next door to Silver Palace and west of the high dollar silver place….
Over on Juarez just north of Matamoros there was a little shop on the left, heading north, (if you pass Maria Leticia, you went too far) that April window shopped the whole time we were there. It was closed until the last day and she finally got to go inside and BUY….lots of dresses, tops and pants and shirts, but all white!!!!!!!! So now she has a new white top and skirt and of course, a new skirt for Robin….good prices and very quality made clothing. The name of the shop is Christo’s Ropa de Manta.
The other great fine was what I call the Feather Shop. I am not sure of the name of the street….on Hidalgo, heading north, turn left at Gomar’s and it is down about half way on the left. There are some artists in Merida that oil paint pictures and scenes on feathers. They are top quality and beautiful work. We bought two for gifts….
We decided this trip that we would by a lot of Christmas gifts…that is a switch for us because we NEVER shop or buy things on isla. Actually, it was quite fun to do. Ralph had always mentioned a friend of his that owns a jewelry and silver shop east of the supermarket on the corner, heading toward the hospital. Wow, he really has great stuff in there. We bought a necklace and a silver towel rack. Someone had asked on the board about getting a plaque made like the families have on the outside of their house in Mexico (Gomez Family)…I asked the owner about it and he said that he could order them from Cancun and it would take about 3 weeks and cost about 480 pesos….I have his card at home and can provide the information if anyone needs it. You could call him and place the order and charge it on your credit card then pick it up when you go to the island, or have someone mule it home for you….He said you could have your name and address or what ever you wanted put on it. The size would be about 8” X 12”.
We noticed where the city had installed all the pipe in the roads to create the barriers on the adjacent streets to Hidalgo. I asked some locals about it and they just shook their head and said “nobody liked it”. Just seeing the amount of vehicular traffic that goes up and down Juarez and Matamoros, I could see how that would hinder a lot of businesses and the flow of things through that end of the town. I got the brochure from Mindaca on the improvements with pictures, but it is in Spanish. I think the plan was to allow vehicles on the roads from 5 am to 11 am, then shut them off. Anyway, we will just have to wait and see if there are any changes.
Frank had to do the “walk of the dead” (as Carl calls it) early on Sunday morning, so we saw him off and waved to him until he got out of sight. We didn’t tell him about the ribs that are cooked on Sunday or he would have missed him flight. For sure, we now have another islaholic on our hands. He truly was able to unplug…all the time we spent on the beach, I don’t think he read over a chapter in his book. We would look over at him and he would be just looking around or staring at the water. I would ask him if he was bored and he would smile and say “Oh no”…April kept kidding him and asking “are ya having a good time yet”. He finally told her to just leave him alone; he was having a good time!!! They kidding and poked fun at each other the entire trip…Of course, he did a few things during the trip that opened a BIG door for future kidding too….We (Frank, April, Ann and I) were leaving the beach and we stopped off to talk with someone…Frank said he was going on to the room to get a shower. Well, a bit later, we left and when we got down to the street by Jax’s, there was Frank, leaning on the stop sign. We asked, What’s up and he paused and finally said “I got lost”….seems he walked past the hotel twice and didn’t notice it…then realized that he needed to get back to the beach and catch us, we laughed about that and walked on to the hotel, and he passed it up again!!!!! I told him I was gonna have to cut back on his drinking….ha ha..

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