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Jan 8,Day 9 Isla Trip

By: Gringa1 (View Profile)
Date: 1/16/2007

Up early so I headed downstairs to M&J's but I forgot it was Monday and they were closed.I walked down Hidalgo and decided to try breaky at Bucanero's.

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A couple of friend's that I had met stopped by to chat.I ordered scrambled eggs with bacon,hash brown patty & toast $46 pesos & OJ $25 pesos (no OJ-carrot juice today).Then down to Beach at Sergio's again.It was one of the hottest days since I arrived and the water was really calm.I saw a couple of men with goggles swimming under the peir and they brought up some shells.I decided right then that I had to go get my Snorkel Gear and get out to Castillo de Garrafon.I had quite a few things on my list that I wanted to do while on Isla but just got too lazy and wanted to beach it most of the time but today was the day to go snorkelling.I went back to my Hotel and got my stuff and flagged down a taxi $50 pesos to Castillo de Garrafon from the main street.Entrance fee to Castillo de Garrafon was $40 pesos.

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There were not a whole lot of people there so there were quite a few empty spots to sit.I found a chair and headed straight for the beach where I donned my mask & flippers.I had just put my face in the water when there were hundreds of fish swarming around me.I made that screaming loud noise through my snorkel as I was kinda freaked (I probably freaked out the people around me too,lol).These fish are not afraid, they are so tame as people buy fish food at the entrance and feed them constantly.These fish are like dogs as soon as you get in they follow you all around.Usually when you swim and put your arms out they part away,well these fish don't.I decide I need to take a break so I went back to my chair and orderd a cerveza $20 pesos. Ok now I have more courage so I get back in and swim around with hundreds of the yellow & black striped fish,silver-whitish fish of varying sizes,parrot fish and those bluish long needle type fish.I heard there were larger and different fish out further but I was happy staying closer in.

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Went up to the showers and washed off the salt water and then wandered around the grounds where there were quite a few Iguana hanging out.

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I decided to go back to town & Sergio's for more sunning & swimming and there just happened to be a Taxi waiting at the front entrance so that was easy,another $50 pesos back.

I stayed at the Sergio's beach until about 4PM.Stopped on the way off the beach to talk to some people at Caribbean Queen.
On my way walking back up Hidalgo I found Momma & Poppa with 2 of their friend's having drinks at Miguel's so I stopped to chat with them too.
After cleaning up I stopped off at the Basketball Court and gave out individually wrapped Gummies that looked like Hotdogs to the kids. I then went to Miguel's and had one of his great Caesar's.It's a Canadian Bloody Mary made with Clamato Juice instead of Tomato Juice.It was really good & spicy.
A friend stopped by to take me for a little tour of some places to stay when I come next year as I want to stay longer.Gee,I wonder how many people have done that too!!!

After the tour I went to have dinner at Angelo's and visit with Aldo.I ordered penne pasta with clams,shrimp & fresh grated parmesan cheese, $95 pesos and it was fantastic.Aldo gave me some testers of different wines and I was amazed.Typically going to Mexico I have never found the wines were very good but Angelo's had some really nice wines.I tried a Pinot Grigio,a Chardonnay & a Sauvignon Blanc.I decided on the Pinot Grigio with my pasta.
I brought the rest of the glow bracelets to Angelo's bar and gave one to all the people sitting at the bar and all the staff wanted one too.I know it's a little crazy but we had alot of fun around the Bar that night.There was a great band playing at Fayne's so went over there to do some dancing and stayed till it closed.

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