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Isla Journal Entry-December 28, 2008

By: Kathryne (View Profile)
Date: 2/3/2008

OMG-we are here! This trip has been planned since last March and we are finally at Sergio’s doing what we all love-my brother in law Michael is kayaking, my youngest Bekah and her cousin Jon have already had a swim, my husband Doug, son Jeremy, niece Danielle and her boyfriend Ty are all playing Wizard and my sister Kim, eldest daughter Kate, family friend Marie and I are all lounging in the sun.
The journey here was very trying-not so much the drive to Minneapolis but the horrible and brief sleep we had at an airport hotel coupled with the delay and unexpected stopover in Dallas. The time at the ferry port which is usually a pleasure turned to tragedy when my daughter who is quadriplegic zoomed down the steep ramp too quickly in her new scooter & lost control. She was only slightly physically injured in the spill but oh so wounded in spirit. It had started to rain so the combination of tears and precipitation kept us on the lower deck. Navigating through deep puddles while we made the short trek to Gladys’s was also very difficult with the scooter. But happily we went to Jax for an appetizer of nachos and had a lovely dinner at Angelo’s. By 9 pm we were home.

This morning, headaches prevented my husband and me from seeing our first sunrise but we had coffee with Jeremy on Gladys’s rooftop and experienced the awakening of Isla. The delights of our second floor apartment, the roof and the sunshine made the trials of the previous day disappear.

Back to Sergio’s-Maria has already been by with pepitas and the breeze is glorious. I have returned again to my precious Isla.

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