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Day 1 (3/4/07)

By: johnrmcc (View Profile)
Date: 3/17/2007

We got up early and excited to finally be leaving for Isla especially since it was snowing. I put the luggage in the car and off we headed for a 2 ½ hour drive to the airport in Washington DC. However since we were ahead of schedule, the wife suggested we get some breakfast. After eating, I had to get in the trunk and discovered to my dismay that we didn’t have all the luggage. It was lucky my wife was hungry because we were able to go back home to get the one suitcase I had left on the bed.

After an uneventful flight, we went through customs at Cancun with no problem. We looked for a BestDay representative holding a placard with our name on it but there were hundreds of placards and we didn’t see our name. So we walked though all the folks holding signs and wanting to “help” to the end near Hertz. There we found BestDay and they took us and four others to the ferry with no problem. Someone ran up to the van and loaded all the luggage onto a cart and took off for the ferry that was ready to leave. I quickly bought ferry tickets and ran after our luggage that was already loaded on the ferry. After tipping the fellow that helped us with our bags, boarded the Ultramar and bought a couple beers and we enjoyed the ride to Isla with the wind in our faces.

After getting off the ferry in Isla, a man offered to take our luggage on his bike/cart to Los Arcos where we checked into a nice room on the 2nd floor in the back with a large balcony. We unpacked and hit the streets to see the sites. Even though it was Sunday, it was bustling. We first headed to the HSBC bank near the ferry to find one machine jammed and the other machine out of money just like the board warned. We ended up at Picus sitting right by the water with our feet in the sand with a warm breeze blowing. What a change from 32F to 85F in one day. My wife ordered a grilled fish in garlic and I mistakenly ordered fajitas. I should have realized you don’t order beef in a place called “picus” which stands for fish. The rest of the night we walked primarily Hidalgo viewing the vendor’s wares and having several cervezas. It was a fantastic first day on Isla.

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