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Sandia and Brian’s August 2008 Trip Report- Part 1

By: sandia (View Profile)
Date: 8/23/2008

Brian and I decided that this would be the year to swim with the whalesharks so after some research and the help of Kathryn from Kathryn’s Travel [she’s awesome], we made our decisions on hotels and flight dates.

This trip report will be in several different parts as my Medicaid consulting business has exploded so I don’t have a lot of time to sit and write out the whole report right now. I apologize for the disjointedness- my thoughts keep skipping back and forth. I do have to say that this was a wonderful trip- it was just Brian and I- he has gotten accustomed to my workaholic ways so we don’t see each other all that much at home. He has also had some medical issues lately and will be having surgery in September on his cervical spine as he has a pinched nerve in his neck and the neurosurgeon found some degeneration and bone spurs on C 4-6. Fortunately, this is the same doctor who did microsurgery on Brian’s back when he ruptured a disc during the Barracuda Bash a few years ago so I have full confidence that Brian’s pain will go away after the operation. It was nice to just be together and not have to be on anyone’s schedule except our own. We love going with our friends too but it is just different when you are with a group and need to interpret, meet up for meals, schedule flights and hotels, etc.

Isla Mujeres August 11 & 12
DAY 1: We got up at 3:30 AM and drove to Bradley airport and parked at the Z –West Side shuttle service. With an Internet coupon, we only paid $5.95 per night- the last place we used [Executive Valet] in May lost our car and we had to sit in their lobby for 2 hours while they tried to locate it [their excuse? They weren’t familiar with my Subaru model??!!] We took our usual Continental flight into Newark and then into Cancun. After a delay in Newark [of course] we made up time and landed in Cancun about 12:45 PM. Found our USA Transfer and we were able to make the 2:00 PM ferry to Isla. We used carryons only and that is so much easier. We printed out our boarding passes the night before and it was so nice not having to wait in line. I cannot believe the amount of luggage that people bring! Anyway, we walked to Bucanero’s for our first two nights stay- we were assigned room #201 [we were SUPPOSED to be in 202 but they had given it to someone else before we arrived]. No biggie, this room was great- two beds, a small kitchen area with Fridge and A/C……there was also a small balcony and we spent a lot of time sitting and watching the Hidalgo scene. Went to the supermercado for beer, soda and snacks. Then we sauntered over to Velazquez and had dinner at our favorite restaurant – we feel like part of the family when we are there. [And our picture is hanging from the palapa as you walk into the rear eating area so I guess they also consider us part of the family too!]……hugs all around and we ordered whole fried fish- it was great. I thought it was red snapper but they said it was Rubio [total bill for two fish and 4 beers=$18 USD]….I was sad that our favorite waiter, Felipe is no longer there….he was a gentle young man but he got married and he is now still going to school but has started driving Taxi#40. We actually ran into him when we first got to Bucanero’s and he came up to visit with us. We told him that we may use him for a tour one of these days….after dinner we headed back to our room, Brian crashed and I read until 11 or so.

DAY 2: Ate breakfast at Bucanero’s – Brian had scrambled eggs and I had huevos motulenos- excelente. I read my new book most of the morning and we headed over to Velazquez for a light lunch of cerveza [por supesto] and shrimp cocktail. I decided that I really wanted to get back to my book and Brian decided that he wanted more cerveza so he headed over to Miguel’s. After a few hours, he arrived in the room all excited that Miguel had just received his order of baseball hats with his logo and we were the proud owners of hats #1&2! They are really nice, mine is light blue and Brian’s is dark blue. I decided to go see Miguel and complement the hats and I ended up sitting with him for a half hour or so talking about “la vida.” I love when your “connect” with someone about philosophy. We talked a lot about death and losses of loved ones and it was just ….nice…to get to know him better. Sometimes I think that other countries see us Americans merely as party animals and it is great when you can discuss issues that show that it is not all shallowness. Anyway, after leaving Miguel’s, Brian was napping and I kept reading [“The Race” by Richard North Patterson]……I am loving that we are both relaxing in our own ways, I do not get a chance to read much anymore at home and Brian gets up at 5 everyday so he always craves sleep on vacation but we are both so happy that we are able to get away as often as we do. It keeps us going when we feel overwhelmed by work-LOL. This night we ate at La Tigrena- it was just as good as our meal in January. We ordered the Mar y Tierra platter for 2 [$30 USD] and we got two lobster tails, a pile of grilled shrimp and several big pieces of beef arrachera. We took our time, ate every morsel and got back to the room about 9 PM…..went to bed early as we have to catch the 6 AM ferry so that we could catch the bus to Chilaquila at 7:30 AM……
To be continued….

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