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Day 1 - May 12, 2006 - LAX to Isla

By: IslaToni (View Profile)
Date: 5/28/2006

Day 1 – Friday, May 12

Going to Isla: Me (Toni), daughter Candace, Marcee and Donna. Marcee and Donna are newbies.

Let me introduce you to all:

First, my nutty daughter candace

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Donna & Marcee

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and me... (ugly pic!)

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Finally, the day has arrived. Leaving has always gone like clockwork and this time was no different. Got to the airport, checked in, got our seat assignments (unfortunately way in the back of the airplane. No problem, I don’t care…we’re going to isla). Tradition for Candace and me has always been to go upstairs to macdonald’s for a little breakfast and then to the gate.

Sat for just a few mins. And it was time to board the plane. Took off right on time…9:30am.

Landed at 3:30pm, local time. I had suspected that we would be running into paula and joey since their flight was scheduled to leave cancun at 4:30pm. (paula is donna’s sister who was originally supposed to be with us, but opted almost at the last minute to go the week before us with her boyfriend, joey.) I wanted to get to immigration right away because it did look like about 5 airplanes landed at the same time. We spotted paula and joey and talked to them for hugs all around. They said that it was boring for them during the day (the stayed at the Avalon), but went into town every night and had fun meeting a bunch of people.

Said our good-byes and on to immigration. Lines were sorta’ long, but went quickly. Went right through. (before we went through I gave everyone instructions to make sure to save the little piece of paper that they will return to us. Keep this in mind for future reference.) grabbed our luggage and on to red light/green light. The couple in front of us got the red light so I figured we were good, which we were. Got our taxi ticket, into taxi and we’re off for Gran Puerto. Of course asked the driver to stop for a cerveza or two for us. Got to the port just in time for the 5:00 ferry.

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Leaving Gran Puerto

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Great ride and the weather was beautiful, only a few clouds. Off in the distance is our island…there it is…....way out there. we’re almost there!

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Off, unload luggage and we roll to the street. I stopped for a moment to take it all in. the people walking, the taxi’s, scooters and golf carts rushing by….i’m home.

Found Jorge (one of the trike guys) and off to the posada. Checked in, unpacked quickly and off to sergio’s to catch our first sunset. The feel of the sand in my toes made me smile. The sunset was o.k. a lot of clouds, so not too spectacular, but to me it was the most beautiful sight I have seen in 2 ˝ years!

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Walked in to town and strolled along. Saw little Sergio. He said he remembered me and said “other half of Linda” and I said “yes, toni”, he smiled. on down the street. New restaurants here and there, same shops. Saw alex at his shop. Always such a nice guy. Thought that we should eat at miguel’s. he greeted all of us with kisses on each hand, like a Frenchman. 2 for 1 until 10pm. Wow! I like this place. I had mixto ceviche, marcee and donna shared the fish tacos and Candace had the garlic fish. Everything was delicious! The garlic fish was THE BEST!

We then walked to the grocery to get a few items of water and stuff. Marcee wanted some pesos so she went to the ATM. Keep in mind that marcee does not know any Spanish. We all waited outside for her. She came out and said…I wanted $200 and all I got was this. She held up one $200NP. Ohmygawd! Candace and I doubled over laughing. She said, what did I do wrong. I put in my card and everything was in Spanish, so I just kept pushing the buttons and then all of these numbers came up. She said she saw $1500 and new that she didn’t want $1500US, so she pushed the $200, thinking it was US. There was a guy behind her saying, press C and out came one $20NP. When she held it up to us, Candace said, why did you only get 20 dollars? She said that it said 200 dollars and all that came out was one of these blue things. Candace walked her back in and tried it again. This time she got $2000NP. (mind you, this is one of many “marcee moments”.)

We walked back down hildalgo to our hotel. Candace and I went to romi’s for a nightcap and donna and marcee went up to the room. Freedo (who works at the hotel) came by and talked to us about the damage to the posada from Wilma, which really wasn’t much, and then all of the sudden romi said something to him and he left. Candace and I went to bed at 11pm (9pm California time). I guess we were tired!

we are so happy that we are here!!!

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