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Day 2- The Oregonians adventure begins

By: watergurl (View Profile)
Date: 6/10/2007

We are all up early and we have our coffee out on the patio. At 9:15 the front desk calls to tell us that our golf cart is ready.
Yesterday we had told them that we were planning to rent a cart and they said that they could have one brought to us in the morning for the same price. We are loving it here!

We set out to find Cazuela M&J. My husband Terry takes the first turn at the wheel, Warren is ridding shotgun. Terise and I are navigating from the rear. We promptly run into a one way street going the wrong way. We head over to Hidalgo only to find that we canít drive thru. We make our way over to Medina turn left onto Bravo and have no idea where we are. Suddenly we see it! Who knew we could get so lost is such a small area.

Breakfast was fantastic! The pineapple-banana juice was amazing. Terry and I each had cazuelas, Warren and Terise had omelets. They like their eggs a bit firmer. We were served tortillas as well, it was all good. The prices were reasonable about $70mp each including drinks.

Terry & Terise enjoying breakfast
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Now that we have our bearings we head to the grocery store. We pick up some Sol, tequila, mangos, soda, chips, a roasted chicken, beans, rice, tortillas, etc. We even find an ATM at the Super Express grocery store.

*Just a side note to anyone who banks at Washington Mutual make sure you let your bank know if you planning to use your ATM card in Mexico. It will not work if you donít notify them.

We drop our things off at the condo and set out to do some exploring. Itís Warrenís turn to take the wheel. We decide head to Dolphin Discovery, Terise has been wanting to swim with the dolphins for years and we are going to do it on this trip.

After checking out DD we decide to get some lunch. We meet some people on the road outside of Villa Rolandi and they tell us that the food there is amazing. We head in to have a look. We decide that itís a bit out of our price range and head up the road to Zamas.

The food at Zamas was wonderful. I had lobster quesadillas, Terry had a club sandwich, Terise had fish tacos, and Warren had chicken fajitas. I think the average price was $100mp each. They even brought us a couple baskets of chips and salsa. The grounds were beautiful but we didnít stay around very long.

An Iguana at Zamas
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Our next stop was Conch Shell beach. Getting down there was a little tricky. We did find a few shells, but there was a lot of garbage down there.

Terry & I at Conch Shell Beach
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We headed back to our condo and headed to the beach. We had planned to take a cooler down to the beach with us, but we arrived just in time for happy hour. 4 Sols for $50mp, how can you say no that? Pablo our bartender also made a mean margarita. Iím not much of a beer drinker.

Warren & Terise enjoying the beach

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Once happy hour was over we got cleaned up and headed to dinner. We had spotted Jax earlier that day so we figured weíd give them a try. We all had the special which was Mahi Mahi, grilled veggies, and a baked potato for $120mp. It was delicious! We even got to see the finale of American Idol on TV.

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After dinner we took a little cruise on the golf cart, and then headed back to our condo to relax on the patio. Tomorrow we swim with the dolphins!

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